What is visibility coaching?

Visibility coaching is focused on guiding and supporting you with getting visible or putting yourself out there, which is a necessary step for sharing your business and finding clients.

As coaches, healers, creatives or any service based entrepreneur, you are in essence, selling and marketing yourself

In fact, anyone who is the face and voice of their business will need to be visible in some way — whether it’s online, in person, on social media, at networking events, or anywhere else.

Visibility coaching helps you make the most of your marketing so you can attract and serve more of your ideal clients.

Who benefits from visibility coaching

Visibility coaching can support any entrepreneur whose work requires them to be the face of their business, including:

  • Coaches, including life coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, and business coaches
  • Healers, including energy healers, Reiki healers, intuitive and spiritual healers
  • Holistic and wellness practitioners, like yoga teachers, massage therapists, nutritionists, etc. who are building online businesses

Basically, if you are offering your services to clients, you can benefit from visibility coaching. 

Visibility isn’t just about social media

When people think about visibility, they usually think of is being on video or making Instagram Reels. When in truth, visibility is much broader and deeper than that. 

Visibility means:

  • Being able to show up as the face and voice of your business.
  • Confidently articulating what you do and communicating the value of working with you.
  • Sharing your mission and your gifts so that you can serve clients and make a positive impact

Sure, making Reels can help you achieve the above goals. But there are myriad ways to market your coaching or healing business outside of using social media.

Check out my list on 21 ways to market your business for ideas.

My approach as a visibility coach

When I decided to make visibility coaching a part of my offerings, it was based on personal experience. When I started my coaching business in 2015, despite having a background in marketing, I struggled to show up as the face and voice of my business.

As a natural introvert, highly sensitive person, and an empath, it didn’t feel natural to put myself out there. I felt gripped by imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and a general fear of “What will people think?”

As a marketer and a certified coach, I knew that my struggle to be visible wasn’t just about knowing the “how”. It was more about the inner work: Feeling confident in my own abilities, courageous enough to put myself out there, and knowing that I could show up in a consistent, sustainable way.

Becoming a trauma-informed coach

I’ve since added another layer to my work by becoming a trauma-informed coach. Realizing that many of us who struggle with being visible often do so due to past trauma and/or societal conditioning, it was important to me to be able to hold space for clients to experience that deeper layer of support.

What I’ve learned through my work as a visibility coach is that the more we can support ourselves and honor our gifts, and take purposeful steps forward (without pushing ourselves off the proverbial ledge), the better we feel.

Today, I offer a trauma informed approach to marketing and visibility coaching, which benefits everyone. Holding this safe space for my clients allows them to go deeper, get to the core of the issue, and support themselves to show up in a way that reflects their authentic selves.

What you can expect when working with me as a visibility coach

Working with me, you can expect to dive into both the inner work (your thoughts and feelings), as well as the outer work (your strategy and actions) that help you make the most out of your visibility and marketing.

Our work together around visibility may include:

  • Mindset coaching to understand and explore your thoughts around being visible and marketing yourself.
  • Somatic coaching to guide you deeper into the feelings that arise when it comes time to put yourself out there.
  • Connecting with your own purpose so you stay connected to your vision and goals.
  • Strategic marketing planning, based on your strengths, your business, and your ideal clients.
  • Energy management practices, so you can be visible without burning out.

How to learn more about coaching for visibility

Coaching programs are highly dependent on the coach delivering the program. Some programs are focused on the “how-to” work of visibility. Others are focused on mindset.

I offer a holistic approach that covers the mindset, strategy, energy, and somatics behind being visible in your business, so that you can feel comfortable and confident putting yourself out there.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out my coaching program for visibility.