how to protect your energy

Knowing how to protect your energy is key, especially for highly sensitive entrepreneurs and individuals.

If you’re a highly sensitive entrepreneur or even just a highly sensitive person, you know that protecting your energy is important to thriving in your personal and professional life.

If we aren’t conscious of our own energy, as well as the energy of others around us, we can easily get confused, thrown off course, and even influenced by others unknowingly.

Examples of what can happen when your energy isn’t protected

  • You start the day in a good mood, but then open social media, see something that makes you angry, and now you have “absorbed” the anger and you can’t return to the good mood you started with, no matter what you do.
  • You meet a friend for coffee, feeling excited to share some good news, but she starts complaining, and before long, you are joining her in the complaint department, and you leave the interaction feeling down or depressed.
  • You arrive home from work stressed from the long day, only to realize your partner is also stressed, and suddenly a big fight sparks, seemingly out of nowhere.

In each of these scenarios, it’s easy to see how you can get sucked in to the energy of another person (even if both of you are unconscious of it!) and be influenced by it.

Why protect your energy in the first place?

It’s not that you never want to feel bad. So-called “negative” emotions or situations can’t be avoided entirely (nor should they be, as processing all emotions is important). 

However, you do want to be aware of your own emotions, as well as those of others, so that you aren’t victim to letting the energy of others affect our lives and work, something that can happen commonly (and easily) for highly sensitive entrepreneurs. (And this isn’t just something that happens in person. It can also happen on social media!)

When we become more aware of the energy in the room — whether online or offline, as well as the energy we’re bringing to the table, we can consciously safeguard and protect our own energy, so that we don’t take on the energy of those around us.

If you’re sensitive to the energy of others, you may be highly sensitive

If you identify with being a highly sensitive entrepreneur, then you know that being sensitive to the energy around you is part of the game.

This quality actually can make you a powerful coach, healer, or therapist — as long as you have strong energetic boundaries.

If you don’t have strong energetic boundaries, you likely find yourself feeling burned out by client calls, changing moods when you have a session with an emotional client, and at the whim of whatever energy any client brings to you that way.

This can happen so easily, sometimes without even realizing it!

This “exposure” can come in many forms — a client, a business situation, social media, the news and world events — and can affect they way you feel and show up in your business. And if you’re not careful, all of this energy overload can lead to entrepreneurial burnout.

So how can you proactively protect your energy? Read on for 7 tips.

how to protect your energy 7 ways

7 ways to protect your energy as a highly sensitive entrepreneur

If you’re a highly sensitive individual (and even if you’re not!) who is looking to protect your energy, practice these 7 tips.

1. Ask yourself: Whose energy is it, anyway?

When someone is upset, angry, or just in a bad mood, it can be very easy to assume it’s about you. Don’t take it personally. You have no idea what another person is thinking, feeling, or experiencing in that moment. Remember that another’s actions and words are not a reflection of you; they are a reflection of that person. Likewise, pay attention to your own energy as you enter and leave a situation. What energy did you bring into the situation? How do you feel after you’ve left? These are good cues for identifying to whom the energy actually belongs.

2. Create space from the person, space, or situation.

While it’s not always possible, the easiest thing to do in the moment is to remove yourself from the source of pain, frustration, or emotional overload. You can choose to close the Instagram app, leave the conversation respectfully, or simply take a break and come back to the conversation or task at hand. If this is available to you, great. If this is not available to you immediately, find a safe place later where you can reconnect to yourself. (Psst… This is where strong boundaries can be helpful!)

3. Take a pause and assume the role of unattached observer. 

If you are feeling strongly affected by the energy of any situation, place, or person, the best thing you can do for yourself is this: TAKE A PAUSE. Literally, give yourself a time out. While your instinct may be to react emotionally, the more you can practice creating space between the stimulus and response, the more calm your nervous system, and the more conscious you will become about your own actions. Try viewing the situation as an unattached observer and zoom out. What is the dynamic that is playing out here?

4. Go back to your body.

When you’re feeling overpowered or overwhelmed by the energy of others, you may not be as present in your own body. Instead, you might even find yourself in a survival mechanism like fight, flight, freeze or fawn response. This is your nervous system’s response to a (perceived or real) threat. If you find yourself here, you might practice some nervous system regulation activities. For example: take some deep breaths, shake out your body, go outside and put your feet in the grass. Do what you can to bring you back to your body and get centered.

5. Work through any triggers that arise.

It’s not uncommon for triggers to arise when you are feeling energetically and emotionally overwhelmed. After calming your nervous system in step 4, if you are feeling resourced and safe enough to do so, you might take a moment to consciously explore any triggers that arise. At the root of triggers is often some unconscious belief you have about yourself, such as “I’m not good enough,” or “I’m unworthy,” or even “I can’t protect myself.” Getting to the root of these triggers can be challenging and often requires diving into deeper inner work.

6. Ask yourself what you need — and give that to yourself.

After you’ve taken a moment to calm and regulate, you might ask yourself: What do I need right now, in this moment? Listen for the answer. Be open to whatever arises. You may need a drink of water, a break from your computer, or a breath of fresh air. You might also need to distance yourself from a friend or even break up with a client.  Do your best to attend to your needs, as triggers may mean there is an unfulfilled need somewhere. 

7. Create mind and body practices to support yourself.

Cultivating awareness of your own energy, emotions, and thoughts is a practice. With regular practice, you bring more conscious awareness to your energy, so that you can better protect yourself from the energy of others. If you notice yourself absorbing the energy of others, try this step proactively. Picture yourself surrounded by an invisible bubble, the color of your choice. This is a strong, unbreakable bubble that protects you from the energy of others. No matter where you are or who you are with, the bubble serves to protect you. When you come into contact with negative energy, imagine the negative energy bouncing off the bubble and back to its source.

you have the right to protect your energy

Protecting your energy online is especially important

While we all know that in person events can be draining, so can being online! In fact, social media is known to be detrimental to our mental health.

The constant scroll, the comparison of our lives and businesses with those of others, the bright screen, and the persistent dopamine hits brought on by notifications, can cause us to feel like we need to be “on” all the time and be particularly draining.

For highly sensitive entrepreneurs,  you’ll want to make sure that you have practices in place to protect your energy online, too, so that you can avoid things like social media burnout.

Create better boundaries to protect your energy — offline and online

Being sensitive and/or empathetic can be a gift. Your sensitivity, your ability to read emotions of others, and to sense the energy around you can be a gift to your clients and anyone you surround yourself with.

To make the most of these gifts, you also want to have strong energetic, physical, and mental boundaries. If you haven’t yet done the work, it’s time to examine and put in place some strong boundaries for your life and business. It will only support you in protecting and managing your energy.

Sensitivity — along with strong boundaries — can make you an effective, successful, energetic, and powerful entrepreneur who is poised to serve the needs of her clients.

Want to thrive as a highly sensitive entrepreneur?

As a highly sensitive entrepreneur, managing and protecting your energy is an important piece of being able to get visible and market your business. Marketing and visibility can often be energetically draining, especially if we’re not doing so in a way that supports our natural personalities, preferences, and gifts.

The best way to market yourself as a highly sensitive or empathetic entrepreneur is to focus on your natural strengths, while managing and protecting your energy. Not sure what your natural strengths are? Take my free quiz below.