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The original marketing superpower quiz

The best — and easiest — way to market your business is based on your superpowers.

The good news is, you already have innate superpowers that can help you in marketing your business.

This quiz was created to help entrepreneurs like coaches, healers, and creatives identify your superpowers, so you can find your best and easiest ways to market.


Hi, I’m Stacey!

Holistic Business & Marketing Coach

As a business coach working with coaches, healers, health and wellness entrepreneurs, and creative business owners, I know how challenging it can be to market your business!

But as you know, marketing is a non-negotiable. And the more skilled and more comfortable you are with marketing, the easier business becomes.

What I’ve learned is this: The best way to market starts with using your unique strengths and gifts. This quiz will show you the way.


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