Show Up and Shine®

Visibility Coaching Program


for introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive entrepreneurs
who want to show up online with confidence and ease

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Show Up and Shine® is a visibility coaching program for introvert and
highly sensitive entrepreneurs who want to feel confident online.

Are you ready to…

  • Feel more natural and comfortable when getting visible online?
  • Consistently show up online without draining your time and energy?
  • Authentically grow your audience, network more easily, and connect with more clients?

If so, this is the visibility coaching program for you!

Visibility Coaching for Introvert and Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

visibility coaching

You have big dreams for your business. And those dreams require putting yourself out there.

You know that in order to have a successful business, you need to show up online. 

The only problem is — as an introvert entrepreneur, getting visible online doesn’t exactly feel natural. 

You feel self-conscious, question what to say, and the stress and anxiety around showing up often leads to burnout.

Being visible can be challenging

As a highly sensitive and introvert entrepreneur myself, I know how challenging it can be to put yourself out there. After all, you started your business to serve… not spend your time on marketing and sales!

But as a savvy entrepreneur, you also know that putting yourself out there is part of the game. You just want to do it in a way that feels aligned, authentic, and easier — while allowing you to grow your business.

There is a way to get visible that honors you

What you really want is to feel a sense of confidence and ease when it comes to showing up online.

You want to be authentically yourself and easily connect with those you are meant to serve.

You want to be able to post on social media, talk about your business, and even go “live”… while feeling good, energized, and aligned.

You’re ready to stop hiding out and start putting yourself out there… in a way that works for you.

visibility coach

 Everything you want is possible for you!

I’m here to tell you, being an introvert entrepreneur and highly sensitive person doesn’t have to hold you back when it comes to getting visible in your business.

There is another way. A way that allows you to tap into your natural gifts and talents.

A way that takes into account your own needs and energy.  A way that allows you to shine, without burning out.

 You can get visible — and feel good about it

It’s time to stop listening to the extroverts and start showing up in a way that works for you.
Time to own your gifts and step into your power.
Time to start showing up consistently and confidently, so you can connect to your people and grow your business.

It’s time for you to Show Up and Shine.

Show Up and Shine
is a Visibility Coaching Program tailored to you

Show Up and Shine is a guided, small group visibility coaching program tailored to introverts, empaths, and 
highly sensitive entrepreneurs who want to show up as the powerful business owners you are.

 Hi, I’m Stacey, visibility coach and introvert & highly sensitive entrepreneur

There are a lot of extroverted marketing and social media experts out there telling you to put yourself out there and “just do it.” Well, the truth is… this approach doesn’t work for everyone, especially for those of us who are highly sensitive and/or introvert entrepreneurs. We need a gentler, more human approach. (One without dancing Reels!)

As a highly sensitive and introvert entrepreneur, I know how challenging it can be to get visible in your business.

Even with 15 years of marketing experience and a coaching certification, I struggled to put myself out there when I started my coaching business in 2015.

As a marketing and visibility coach, what I’ve learned — and what I want to show you — is that you can feel safe, comfortable, and confident being seen as the amazing business owner you are.

If I can do it, I know that you can, too.

Show Up & Shine is a visibility coaching program specifically for introverts and highly sensitive entrepreneurs, that provides a safe space for you to explore what it truly means to be visible in your business.

 Here’s what you’ll learn in Show Up and Shine Visibility Coaching

Show Up and Shine is a guided visibility coaching program that will help you tap into the inner and outer aspects of getting visible. From mindset to strategy to energy to somatics, we cover all of the pieces that contribute to you showing up as your authentic self, with confidence and ease in your business.


Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover in each module.

Module 1: Manage Your Mindset

  • Learn how to identify limiting beliefs that are getting in your way and how to address them
  • Get new strategies to address imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and fear of judgment
  • Develop a more self-supportive mindset, so you feel good and supported when showing up

You will: Become aware of your thoughts and learn how to get out of your own way, so you can show up authentically and confidently.

Module 2: Align with Your True Voice

  • Tap into why you’re in business in the first place and your passion behind your work
  • Find your creative flow and tap into your own inner guide, so you create (and share) authentically and from the heart
  • Learn to trust yourself and your expertise, while connecting with your audience

You will: Get so clear and committed to your vision that you’re willing to weather the ups and downs and stay the course.

Module 3: Listen to Your Body

  • Understand how to tap into your own body’s wisdom to explore the challenges and opportunities around showing up
  • Let your body guide you and show you how you can support yourself
  • Learn practices to regulate your nervous system, so you can show up with less anxiety

You will: Learn how to use your body’s wisdom to explore the deeper issues underlying showing up and to manage the intense feelings that natural arise with being seen.

Module 4: Create Your Visibility Strategy

  • Develop your personalized visibility strategy, including the channels, cadence, audience, and messaging
  • Define the topics that resonate most with your audience and that are aligned with your gifts
  • Create a ritual around your content creation, so it becomes a fun part of your business

    You will: Define your own personalized content strategy that allows you to show up as your authentic self, and that is manageable and achievable for you.

    Module 5: Sustain and Protect Your Energy

    • Tap into your own sustainable rhythm and learn what you need to do to manage your energy and avoid burnout
    • Know what to do when you don’t feel like showing up (it happens!)
    • Learn the most effective ways to stay consistent, no matter what else is going on in your business

    You will: Learn how to proactively manage and protect your energy so you can avoid burnout, stay consistent, and follow through on your plan.

    Plus, a BONUS Implementation Week

    On the sixth week, you’ll have a bonus week to integrate what you learned and integrate it into your business. Ask any questions and get the answers you need so you can move forward confidently.

    Everyone in Show Up and Shine will receive:

    • Weekly lessons and homework
    • Weekly live group coaching calls with me
    • Access to the private Facebook community
    • Guest expert interviews with fellow highly sensitive and introvert entrepreneurs
    • Access to resources & tools to support you in each step of the process

    Show Up and Shine is the only visibility coaching program for introvert entrepreneurs

    When you sign up for Show Up and Shine, you’ll finally find a way to get visible in your business in a way that feels good to you.

    You’ll feel more confident and comfortable putting yourself out there. You’ll be ready to show up and share the real you online.
    These are some examples of real results you can expect:

    • Feel that it’s easier to show up as your authentic self in your business
    • Less fears around “what will they think” and “what if this fails?”
    • Feel more confident sharing about what’s most important to you (and know what that is!)
    • Feel more comfortable engaging with your audience, even on video
    • Find a sense of flow and actually enjoy creating content
    • Feel more aligned and energized when talking about your business
    • Spend less, but more effective, time online
    • Know that you’re taking care of yourself and your energy
    visibility coaching 2

    This is the Visibility Coaching program for you if…

    You’re an introvert, HSP, or empath (or any combo of the above!)

    You’re a coach, healer, or other service-based solopreneur.

    You’re ready for a different approach.

    You want to show up online more easily and confidently, while being yourself.

    Show Up and Shine Testimonials

    When I started Show Up and Shine, I was on a break from social media because it was burning me out.

    Stacey helped me get in touch with my why for being on social media as a business owner and guided me towards showing up in a more authentic, valuable way.

    After taking the program I’m having a much easier time coming up with topics to write about, and I feel more confident about the content I’m sharing online!

    Sara Walsh

    SEO and Website Strategist, Sara Walsh Marketing

    As an introvert, I have always struggled with using social media for my business. I could never think of the “right” things to say or post and would get discouraged and overwhelmed.

    Show Up and Shine helped me get to the core of my struggle and show me how to build an approach that works for me.

    After the course, I have a strategy and approach that works for me and my business and I look forward to my “content dates!” I would highly recommend this program. Stacey’s expertise and kindness make it feel fun, informative, and easy!

    Amie Henry

    Yoga Studio Owner, I Am Yoga

    Working with Stacey, I’ve gained clarity about what it is I want to talk about to my audience, I have more confidence to show up in my business, I’m more organized and have peace of mind knowing my content is planned out!
    Bree Nabholz

    Registered Herbalist, Wild Yarrow Herbal Medicine

    Why now is the right time for you to shine

    As an introvert, empath, or highly sensitive entrepreneur, you have gifts to share. You are meant to be a light in this world, to share your gifts and your voice, and to help others.

    This is the visibility coaching program that guides and supports you to do so.

    The sooner you do this work, the sooner it will change how you feel about being visible. And the more you can experience a greater sense of flow, less resistance, and more joy when it comes to showing up in your business.

    Your time to shine is now.

    Show Up and Shine FAQs

    Is this program for me?

    Show up & Shine is a visiblity coaching program for introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive entrepreneurs. This program will support and guide you from hiding out to showing up as your authentic self in your business. If you’re ready to for a new approach to visibility, this is for you.

    What results can I expect to see?

    Previous Show Up and Shine clients have experienced these results:

    • Feel more confident and authentic when showing up in your business
    • Find it easier to create and share content that connects with your audience
    • Feel more aligned with your purpose and excited to share about your work
    • Have more time and energy since you have a plan that that supports you
    • Find a sense of ease in all marketing activities now that you have done the inner work
    How do I know this program will work for me?

    As an empath, highly sensitive, and introvert entrepreneur, I needed to do things differently in order to truly feel comfortable being visible.

    This program is a result of what has worked for me and is a culmination of my experience with mindset coaching, marketing, content strategy, and a touch of spirituality.

    If you’re an introvert or highly sensitive entrepreneur who struggles to show up online, this program can help you get the clarity, confidence, and strategy to do so.

    This program was also tested with entrepreneurs just like you, and their feedback was incorporated to make this an even more powerful program with tangible results.

    How is this different from other programs?

    There are many programs out there that show you how to get visible and market yourself.

    Show Up and Shine is the only visibility coaching program created for introverts and HSPs, by an introvert and HSP (and marketing expert!)

    I’ve moved through this process myself, and now it’s my pleasure to guide and support you.

    Will I get direct access to you?

    Yes! The nice thing about a small group visibility coaching program is that you get so much access to me.

    Though the lessons will be recorded, I’ll be with you in the private group and in the weekly group coaching sessions.

    If you want private 1:1 coaching with me in addition to the group program, you can sign up for a VIP spot.

    Can I do this work on my own?

    Like anything, you can continue this work on your own, piecing together information from various sources and through trial and error.

    Also, like any major change, a massive shift in your mindset, strategy, and action is required.

    This is why this program can give you faster, more effective results.

    I’ve spent 7 years as a certified coach, 15 years in marketing and branding, and a lifetime as an introvert, HSP, and empath.

    I can help you do the inner and outer work to get visible, while managing your energy and staying true to yourself throughout the process.

    What about accountability?

    Accountability is built into the program with weekly lessons and homework, as well as weekly group coaching sessions, and a private Facebook group.

    You’ll also have the option of choosing an accountability partner for the duration of the program, so you can help one another stay on track.

    How much time can I expect to spend on this program?

    The weekly live lessons, weekly group coaching calls, and homework should take about 3 hours per week.

    Will this work for me?

    The inner work is a life long part of being an entrepreneur (and a consciously aware human!) In this program, I hope to demystify, break down, and support you in getting visible in the way that works for you.

    If you do the work in Show Up and Shine, you will leave feeling more grounded, intentional and confident when showing up in your business. You’ll have a personalized strategy and energy management plan, so that you can stay consistent even after the program ends.

    What if I still have questions?

    If you’re still not sure if this program is a fit for you, you can sign up for a connection call, no strings attached.

    You have gifts and a voice to share. It’s time to tell the world.