As coaches and healers, we need to address our own mindset blocks to getting visible

When it comes to getting visible in business (i.e., putting yourself out there and sharing about your work), the biggest block is usually your own mindset. (I’m speaking from experience here!)

But first, a refresher: What does “mindset” actually mean?

The definition of “mindset” is: (n). A set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation.

The easiest way to think your mindset is your thoughts and beliefs.

One of the most common places I see new coaches and healers struggle with mindset blocks is around the topic of visibility.

Why mindset blocks commonly arise when it’s time to “get visible” 

As know, your mindset influences everything you do in business, including getting visible and putting yourself out there.

There are a few reasons why visibility mindset blocks are so common:

1. Being visible means being vulnerable.

When you are a coach, healer or other holistic entrepreneur, visibility is required.

That’s because YOU are the one clients are signing up to work with.

In order to attract those clients, you want to establish trust and credibility. The way you do that is through being visible.

2. Being visible brings up fears of being seen.

For many of us, especially introvert entrepreneurs, we may struggle with being seen. (We could go into myriad reasons why, but I’ll save that for another post!)

The thing to realize that the fear of being seen is a common one.

Getting visible, whether that’s on social media, at a networking event, or even on a consult call, can bring these fears to the surface.

3. Being visible means opening yourself up to judgment and potential ridicule.

One of the main concerns my clients have when it comes to social media is that they fear being judged or being “wrong”.

This can fear can be debilitating if we’re not careful. It can stop us from showing up all together.

But it’s important to remember that if you don’t show up, your ideal clients can’t find you.


5 Common Mindset Blocks to Getting Visible in Your Business

These are the 5 most common mindset blocks to getting visible that I see in my work with coaches, creatives, and healers. Read the list and see if any sound familiar to you.

Mindset Block #1: Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever wondered: Who am I to do this?

Imposter syndrome is the feeling that you’re a fraud, that you’re going to be found out at any moment, that you don’t belong.

I often see impostor syndrome with new entrepreneurs or those who are leveling up.

Imposter syndrome is a mindset block because if you believe the thought (“I’m not worthy”), you’re not going to feel worthy, or take actions that align with your worth, and you’re not going to see the results in your business.

Mindset Block #2: Comparing Yourself (aka Comparisonitis)

Ever pop on social media and a few minutes later, you believe that everyone appears to be more successful or happier than you?

Yep, this is comparisonitis (a word in the dictionary now!)

When comparing kicks in, you lose sight of the motivation to share a post or engage with potential clients, and you log off, feeling dejected.

Comparisonitis is a mindset block, because when you have the (false) belief that everyone is doing it better than you, you feel bad about yourself, and you don’t take actions to grow your business.

Mindset Block #3: Perfectionism

How much time do you spend on a single social media post? If you agonize over the photos, the copy, the font, spending time to make it “perfect,” you could be wasting valuable time you could use to actually connect with clients.

I’m no stranger to being a perfectionist, but it’s not always a great quality in business!

Perfectionism is a mindset block because it can make you think that something (everything) needs to be “perfect” before you can put it out there. (Spoiler alert: It will never be perfect!)

Mindset Block #4: Debilitating Fear of Criticism

It’s human to be afraid of criticism and judgment.

But also realize that people spend a lot less time thinking about YOU than you think!

Being afraid of criticism or rejection can hold you back from putting yourself out there altogether, which means you don’t connect with those who most need what you have to offer.

Fear of criticism (which is usually fear of being able to handle criticism) becomes a mindset block when it causes you to stall out and hide out, instead of show up.

Mindset Block #5: Making the Results Mean Something About You

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: “But Stacey, don’t my results mean something about me?”

The truth is, any metric in business is  just information until you assign meaning to it.

If you take every unfollow, unsubscribe, or client who doesn’t sign up as a personal failure, you’re going to have a difficult time weathering the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Taking the results personally is a mindset block because you’re interpreting it to mean something is “wrong” with you, which affects your self-confidence and self-belief. Instead, focus on raising your self-worth and detaching from the outcome.


How to overcome mindset blocks to getting visible

It’s super common to be faced with any of the blocks above. The key is addressing  them, so you can build your resilience and self-trust as a coach or healer.

The good news is, that once you address these blocks, it makes showing up and getting visible in your business so much easier!

If you’re ready to work through your mindset blocks and starting getting visible, you might enjoy my free guide, How to Manage the Fear of Being Seen. You can get access here.