Business Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

For coaches, healers, and holistic entrepreneurs who want to grow a business in alignment with who they are.

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Are you a heart-centered female entrepreneur who has a mission and vision to share? You’re in the right place.

You’re here because you want to do what you love.

To use your gifts and talents to serve others. To guide others down a path that you have been through.
To make a difference in the world in the way only you can.

And, if you’re being honest, you also feel terrified

After all, you know that doing this work means actually owning who you are and sharing that with the outside world.
This can bring up a lot — especially for those of us who are sensitive souls.
But to you, it’s worth it —  to do what you love, to be your authentic self, to have a positive impact.

For you, this is a mission, a calling.

The pursuit of your calling means coming face to face with all the things that stand in your way.

Starting a soul-centered business is one of the biggest, self-development journeys you’ll ever embark upon.

You’re not afraid of doing the work, because you know that when you do, you’ll show up even more powerfully.

This is holistic business coaching for female entrepreneurs.

This isn’t your standard business coaching.

This is business coaching that takes into account the whole of who you are as a female entrepreneur.
This is about doing things your way… according to your vision and values.

Together, we embrace all aspects of who you are in your business, so that you can show up as your most authentic self,
share your gifts,
do what you love, and yes — make a living.


Hi, I’m Stacey, business coach for female entrepreneurs.

As a certified, trauma-informed holistic business coach, I work with coaches, creatives, and healers who want to create a business that shares their soul gifts with the world.

Working together, I provide my female entrepreneur clients with mindset coaching, business coaching, and marketing strategies so that they can confidently show up and be seen in their business.

Ready to get started? See how we can work together below.

Business Coaching Offerings for Female Entrepreneurs

Are you a female entrepreneur looking to explore business coaching?

Working with Stacey, I was able to get clarity quickly

As a business owner, I had been struggling with life-changing business decisions. Working with Stacey, I was able to get clarity quickly. Stacey’s coaching style is thoughtful, perspective, and direct. She has the gift of hearing what is not being said and eliciting very deep insights.

Kathleen R, Coach & Consultant

Stacey brought forward great suggestions

Stacey brought forward great suggestions while still coaching and challenging me to come up with my thoughts and ideas. She was also very good at having me summarize my takeaways or action items, which helped me stay accountable.

Kari J., Lifestyle Design Coach

After each call I walked away with actionable items

I came to work with Stacey feeling really stuck.  Stacey created space to explore my motivation and desires holistically as opposed to just jumping in right away to creating a box to fit myself into.  I never felt rushed and her ability to get to the core of the issues by asking amazing questions always created an abundance of time in our calls. And, at the same time, the process was pragmatic and applicable. After each call I walked away with actionable items that helped me clarify and refine my purpose and message in a way that was authentically me and unencumbered. I cannot recommend Stacey enough, and I hope to work together again!

Jean M., Career Coach

Stacey had a great way to see where to tweak just a little bit more

It became clear that I missed a deeper connection and Stacey challenged my thinking. She worked with me, but didn’t change my style so that the “me” is there, but much stronger. After I changed the bigger picture, Stacey had a great way to see where to tweak just a little bit more. And those smaller changes had such a big impact to create an even stronger connection.

Ann K., Expat Coach

She helped me focus and map out a plan that I can now execute on my own

I started to work with Stacey because I felt overwhelmed with marketing my yoga studio, in particular through social media. I was only posting in a reactive way and wanted to use this tool to create more awareness about the studio. Stacey’s combination of Zoom calls, homework and templates for me to use (and keep!) was just what I needed to help me focus and map out a plan that I can now execute on my own in a more proactive and beneficial way without feeling stressed out!

Amie H, Yoga Studio Owner

I’m seeing more patients and making a lot more money

I totally revamped my business! Which in a way, means I totally renovated myself. I felt like for the first time I really got to examine and step into a really important side of myself, and it has been so excited to continue watching that unfold in my work. I’m seeing more patients, making a lot more money, and feel much more deeply stimulated and satisfied by the work I’m doing.

Courtney M., Medical Intuitive & Acupuncturist

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