when you don't feel like showing up

Don’t feel like showing up in your business?

Ever have those days (or weeks) where you just don’t feel like showing up and getting visible in your business? It happens to all of us — me included!

LIterally there isn’t an entrepreneur who hasn’t felt this way! And it’s OK. It’s normal even. 

You started your business to do what you love and make a difference, not to be a TikTok influencer. The good news is – you don’t need to show up on social media every day. You especially don’t need to show up on video every day.

However, showing up and getting visible is an important part of attracting clients to your business as a coach, healer or 1:1 service provider. So you do want to find a way to do it that feels aligned and sustainable for you.

6 tips when you don’t feel like showing up

On the days you just don’t feel like showing up, check out one (or more) of these tips:

Reconnect with your why for being visible in the first place. 

We often think about our “why” when we start a business and then never again. Take a moment to reflect on your why for being visible in the first place. What is it that you want to share with others? Why is this important to you? Stepping back and reconnecting to your why can help you reconnect to the bigger picture. Your why isn’t about social media or marketing. Your why, as a coach or healer, is usually about helping others see a new perspective or find a new way. Reconnect to that.

Detach from the outcome. 

You can’t control how many “likes” you get on your post, whether or not someone signs up from your recent sales email, or anything else. Remember, your results don’t need to mean anything about YOU personally. If you don’t get the results you want, that doesn’t mean you’re not good at what you do or that you’ve made a mistake. There are many reasons that have nothing to do with who you are as a person. The more you can detach from your results, the easier it is to forge a path forward.

Release your inner perfectionist.

Perfectionism is the enemy of business in so many ways. If we aren’t careful, our inner perfectionist can take over and run the show. They want to keep us safe, small, and stop us from showing up — because it’s scary and a perceived threat to your nervous system. Do you want Perfectionism in the driver’s seat? Probably not. They’re going to be suuuuper cautious. They might not even leave the driveway! You, the head of your business, are great at driving. So get back in the driver’s seat and put perfectionism if it’s place —  in the back seat. 

Get stronger boundaries around visibility.

Oftentimes when business owners don’t want to show up and get visible, it’s for reasons related to their energy. Either they’re overwhelmed by social media as a whole and don’t have the emotional or mental bandwidth to get on and share content. Or they’re feeling taxed and/or triggered by all the noise out there that others (often extroverts) are putting out there. If that’s you, you can likely benefit from having stronger energetic boundaries.

Ask yourself what you’re willing to do. 

Maybe you’re not feeling like posting on Instagram this week. Or you’re tired of spending hours creating a new blog post. The good news is that there are many ways to market your business and as the CEO of your business, you get to decide. Ask yourself: What am I willing to do? Maybe you’re willing to write one email to your list or share one simple post. Maybe you’re willing to ask a past client for a referral. You don’t have to do everything, just do one thing.

Make a conscious decision about how you’ll handle it.

Look, you don’t have to show up every day. You don’t even have to show up *ever* on certain platforms if you don’t want to! (Remember, you’re the CEO and you get to decide.) The key is that you’re making a conscious decision as opposed to a fear-based decision. A conscious decision is made from a place of calm, peace, and feeling in control. A fear-based decision is made out of fear. So consider whether your decision to show up or not is rooted in consciousness or fear. If it’s the latter, consider doing some deeper inner work to excavate the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that come up for you when it comes time to get visible.

You’re not always going to feel like showing up

Remember, it’s impossible to like all parts of your business all the time. Everyone has moments and phases where they don’t feel like showing up, getting visible, or marketing their business.

When you find yourself here, remember that it’s perfectly normal and nothing is wrong with you.

It’s simply an opportunity to zoom out and take a birds eye view of what’s going on. Once you do, you can gain perspective and understanding, so you can choose your next best step.