1:1 Holistic Business Coaching


Holistic business coaching to support your coaching or healing business

As a coach, healer, or holistic entrepreneur, you and your business are naturally intertwined. Your business is an extension of who you are and the gifts you offer to the world. And that’s why you benefit from coaching that supports you holistically.

Holistic business coaching takes the whole you into account. Because the whole of who you are (your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, experiences, worldview, values) will impact every aspect of your business.

Holistic business coaching is about creating a business based on YOU

Holistic business coaching is not your “traditional” business coaching. It isn’t about getting rich quick, making six figures in six months, or scaling your business as quickly as possible. It’s about building the right business for you — one that allow you to share your soul gifts in the way that best honors and supports you, while building a business that allows you to share your offerings and make a living. 

Stacey Hagen Business Coach

Hi, I’m Stacey, holistic business coach

As a certified, trauma informed, holistic business coach, I support clients like you to create and grow a business that is aligned with who you are: mind, body, and soul.

Together, we focus on ensuring that each part of your business, from your offers to your message to your marketing, is aligned with what you, your values, and your gifts.

The right business for you is one that allows you to show up authentically, be fully self-expressed, and fulfill your own mission and calling.

Holistic business coaching with me may include any of the following:

  • Mindset coaching, including addressing your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world at large, including imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and fear.
  • Business consulting, including defining your business model, your offering suite, and your marketing and sales strategy, so that each of these pieces work together in supporting your business goals.
  • Marketing and visibility coaching, to support you in showing up as your authentic self, marketing in alignment with your values, and getting visible in a way that feels good for you.
  • Somatic coaching, which allows you to approach challenges where they live in the body. Past trauma and experiences are stored in our bodies, and going straight to the source can unlock the wisdom we need to heal and thrive.
holistic business coaching

1:1 Holistic Business Coaching Packages

My holistic business coaching offerings are for coaches, healers, therapists, and other helping type entrepreneurs who are interested in starting and growing a business in alignment with who they are.

Please choose from the options below to learn more.

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Ready to explore holistic business coaching with me?

Working together, we address your business holistically, strategically, and energetically, because when everything is aligned, that’s when the real magic — and results — happen.

As a holistic business coach, I offer packages to support the needs of those starting as well as growing their business.

If you’re interested in working together, your first step is to complete an application here.

See what these clients have said about coaching with me

Working with Stacey, I was able to get clarity quickly

As a business owner, I had been struggling with life-changing business decisions. Working with Stacey, I was able to get clarity quickly. Stacey’s coaching style is thoughtful, perspective, and direct. She has the gift of hearing what is not being said and eliciting very deep insights.

Kathleen R, Coach & Consultant

Stacey helped me clarify and refine my purpose and message

I came to work with Stacey feeling really stuck.  Stacey created space to explore my motivation and desires holistically as opposed to just jumping in right away to creating a box to fit myself into.  I never felt rushed and her ability to get to the core of the issues by asking amazing questions always created an abundance of time in our calls. And, at the same time, the process was pragmatic and applicable. After each call I walked away with actionable items that helped me clarify and refine my purpose and message in a way that was authentically me and unencumbered. I cannot recommend Stacey enough, and I hope to work together again!

Jean M., Career Coach

Stacey challenged my thinking

Stacey challenged my thinking and helped me explore a deeper connection. She worked with me, but didn’t change my style so that the “me” is there, but much stronger. After I changed the bigger picture, Stacey had a great way to see where to tweak just a little bit more. And those smaller changes had such a big impact to create an even stronger connection.

Ann K., Expat Coach

I’m seeing more patients and making a lot more money

I totally revamped my business! Which in a way, means I totally renovated myself. I felt like for the first time I really got to examine and step into a really important side of myself, and it has been so excited to continue watching that unfold in my work. I’m seeing more patients, making a lot more money, and feel much more deeply stimulated and satisfied by the work I’m doing.

Courtney M., Medical Intuitive & Acupuncturist

She helped me realize how my business was connected with my self-worth

Working with Stacey made me realize in which ways my ability to create my own business is connected with my self-worth. With her in-depth questions and insightful observations, she helped me to disarm my fears around abundance. She supported me in diving deep into my money mindset and held space for every exploration I had on my way. She is a deeply empathic person, a true companion on the way to a better, more fulfilling life.

Karina H., Life Coach

Stacey makes the process of starting a business way less overwhelming

Stacey makes the process of starting a business way less overwhelming. She is easy to talk to and is always there to provide encouragement and support along the way. I loved that she provided a personalized approach to helping me navigate both the tactical side of building my coaching business and some of the mindset blocks that came up as well. I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking about revamping or launching their own business.

Cristina P., Health Coach

Working with Stacey gave me the clarity I needed to feel confident

Working with Stacey gave me the clarity I needed to feel confident about moving forward with starting my business. She helped me reconnect to the “why” that brought me to coach training in the first place, helped me articulate my niche and my offerings, and guided me through the inner and outer work of launching my coaching practice. I could have struggled through it all on my own but am so glad that I didn’t.

Emily C., Courage & Authenticity Coach

Stacey gave me the guidance, support, and accountability I needed

Stacey gave me the guidance, support, and accountability I was looking for to get my coaching business up and running quickly. She helped me finetune my plan, offerings, and marketing so I felt strong and happy with what I was putting forward. I also appreciated the emotional support during the challenges of creating a new business. I was so grateful not to be going through it alone. Thank you!

Carolyn B., Transformational Coach & Healer

Stacey is very grounded in her approach but also understands the energetic aspects

After working with Stacey, I feel like I’m in a fantastic place to start attracting my ideal client and making money from my high-ticket offer. I feel much more confident, clear and organized in what I have to do to attract my ideal client and sell my offer. Stacey is very grounded in her approach as she has a background in business and marketing but also understands the energetic and spiritual aspect to attracting your ideal client that makes her approach very unique. I would highly recommend Stacey to anyone who is struggling with their business and marketing as a healer, coach or holistic entrepreneur!

Suzie D., Pranic Healer

I have the confidence to actually turn my plans into action

Working with Stacey really helped me get my feet off the ground in my coaching business, and gave me the direction I was craving. I walked away with a clear vision for my business, a well-thought-out and intentional business plan, and most importantly the confidence to actually turn my plans into action.

Devan M., Life Coach for Women

I can’t begin to describe how helpful she was

I can’t begin to describe how helpful Stacey was to me during a pivotal time in my business growth. There’s no way to speak highly enough of her skillset, how organized she is, her kindness, and her ability to help craft a marketing message that’s truly aligned in every way to both the business owner and the audience. She is a RARE FIND in an over-crowded world of business coaches.

Sabrina V., Mindfulness Coach