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Holistic Business & Marketing Coach

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About Stacey Hagen,

MBA, Certified Professional Coach


 Stacey Hagen is holistic business and marketing coach at Create Coaching & Consulting, where she works with coaches and healers who want to grow their business and make an impact. She helps her clients build an authentic personal brand, communicate their value through engaging messaging, and market their business based on their values and strengths.

Stacey believes that marketing can be a fun, authentic way to express yourself, attract your dream clients, and create the business that you desire.

Stacey had a 15 year career in corporate marketing and branding and earned an MBA in Marketing before starting her coaching and consulting business in 2015.

She earned her coaching certification from IPEC in 2014, and went on to combine her coaching skills with her marketing and branding expertise to help other coaches, healers, and holistic entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Stacey earned her certification as a trauma-informed coach through the Safe Space Institute.

¬†Stacey Hagen’s Credentials

  • Bachlor of Arts (BA) in Communications
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Trauma Informed Coach
  • 20 years of marketing & branding experience
  • 8+ years as a professional certified coach
  • Coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, including life coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, body workers, healers, health and fitness instructors, marketing services professionals, fashion business owners, travel business owners, and more.

Featured guest blogger on the following sites:

Featured topics:

  • How to market yourself authentically in alignment with your goals and values
  • How to clarify your core message in your business and communicate the unique value of your work
  • The inner and outer work of marketing and visibility: How create the mindset and strategy to support you
  • Getting visible online as an introvert or highly sensitive entrepreneur
  • How trauma shows up in your business and why doing your own inner work benefits your business

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