As you evolve and expand, so will your business.

As a coach, healer, or holistic entrepreneur, you are constantly growing and evolving, as is your business. 

When we grow, it’s not about doing more and adding more to our plates or even our service offerings. (That would be exhausting!) 

It’s usually quite the opposite: We are letting go of what’s not working or what we’re not loving any longer in order to create space for our — and our business’s evolution. 

When we evolve, we must allow our businesses to evolve as well. That is the only way we can ensure that the work we’re doing is not only aligned with who we are, but the fullest expression of who we are.

6 lessons I’ve learned about business growth from running a soul-aligned business

1. Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. 

It’s tempting to keep going full-throttle, pushing forward in your business, taking all the action all the time. Western culture can make us feel like that is the way to do it! But the mentality that more work = more success is not true. 

In fact, the time you take to slow down, tune into yourself, and explore your own wants and needs can help you clarify what’s really important, so you can focus on that, and let go of the rest, creating even more spaciousness in your business. 

If you haven’t slowed down in a while, now is a great time. What should you do in that down time? Try reflective exercises like meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature. Allow the answers to any questions you have arise naturally.

2. Supporting yourself is key to your growth.

Yes, you’re in business to support yourself. But I’m not talking only about supporting yourself financially. I’m talking about being able to support yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically as you create and grow the business you desire. 

Many of us have to learn how to support ourselves. We do this by cultivating self-trust, creating a sense of safety in our bodies, and practicing being our own support system. Being able to support yourself and have your own back is so key and foundational in order to be able to grow a business based on who you are. 

Remember that you are the most important asset in your business and you can’t serve from an empty well. To show up for others, you must also show up for yourself.

3. Doing your soul work will bring up fears and resistance.

I wish someone told me this when I was starting a business: That bringing this work into the world would really feel like labor, a labor of love, but labor nonetheless. And the labor isn’t just about the tasks you have to complete. 

The real labor is moving through your own fear, resistance, conditioning, and even pain that naturally arises when you’re doing work that is meaningful to you, and especially work that is an expression of who you are. Moving through they fear, resistance and pain is necessary to showing up as your authentic self in your business and beyond.  

Sharing our deepest gifts brings up our biggest fears. The more we understand and even expect that, the less surprised we are when it pops up at every new level. (Big Magic and The War of Art are great books if you’re struggling with this.) 

4. Growing a soul business is a constant practice of self-trust. 

I’ve talked about this before, but even if you have the most spiritual practice in the world, you’re going to need to develop trust within yourself. That’s because you can’t always outsource your decision-making. Many times, you will need to step up to the plate and take action when the right action isn’t clear.

You’ll need to trust in your ability to succeed, and to manage whatever comes your way along this journey — whether it’s a mean comment, a rejection from the perfect client, a complete “failure” of your launch, or anything else. 

Imagining ourselves failing or looking stupid or being “exposed” often seems horrifying and we want to do whatever we can to avoid it. But instead of avoiding it, we can focus on deepening our sense of self-trust and resilience, so that we know that even if the worst-case scenario happens, we’ll be OK.

5. The journey can be fun!

The personal growth industry has two sides: The side that makes it seem so easy to just step into your power and create that 6 figure business, and the side that makes it seem like every single trauma you’ve ever experienced in your life is going to hold you back.

Neither are true. It takes time and work to succeed. And you don’t have to be fully and completely healed to succeed.

Growth is a process and it never ends. Yet, you are always worthy of the success you desire. 

So if you’re on the “I’ll be happy when” treadmill, it’s time to hop off. Instead, start having fun in the process. Focus on exploring what lights you up and what feels good. Consciously choose activities that support your own sense of fun. Fun doesn’t detract from your purpose, it supports it.

6. Allow your evolution and the evolution of your business. 

Coaches and healers are often constantly learning, growing, taking the next program, broadening and deepening their knowledge of themselves and their work. 

Yet, this process of evolution can sometimes be frustrating. We can find that what’s worked for us in the past doesn’t work anymore. What we’ve learned from others doesn’t necessarily work for us. The program that we’ve poured our heart into creating isn’t lighting us up any longer. 

These are all signs that you’re evolving and the faster you realize it, the easier it is to let go and create the space for the next thing to come.

The more you can be open and allow your evolution, the more you can receive what is meant for you at this stage of the game.

Are you ready to evolve?

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