Why you need to communicate the value of coaching

 As a coach, you must be able to communicate the value of working with you in order to attract clients.

After all, people don’t buy “coaching,” they buy the results that coaching provides. They might not even know they want a coach  … They just know they want solutions to their problems!

People don’t buy life coaching, they buy the transformation that life coaching provides. They don’t buy health coaching, they buy more energy, less fatigue, or weight loss. People don’t buy business coaching. They buy a faster, easier way to get more clients, make more money, and scale their business!

So instead of focusing on marketing and selling “life coaching” or “health coaching” or even “healing,” it’s important that you communicate the value of the type of coaching or healing that you provide.

We as providers know the benefits of coaching and healing, but we must learn how to communicate that value to our ideal clients — in words they know and understand.

Understanding your ideal clients is a key part of communicating your value

In order to clearly communicate your value as a coach, you want to get clear on who your ideal client actually is. Beyond demographics, you want to know what they really need and want as it pertains to your area of expertise. (If you’re not sure who your ideal client is or what they are looking for, it’s time for some market research!

Your goal is to know your client so well that you can articulate their perceived problems and desired solutions exactly as they say them. You want to communicate directly with them using their own words and phrases. You want them to hear you speak or read your website and think, “Wow, she gets me! It feels like she’s speaking directly to me!”

(And, it goes without saying, but you also want to ensure that your coaching offerings remedy those needs!)

Communicating the value of what you do is about finding the words that not only connect with your ideal clients, but show them that there is another, better way. And you are the one to show them that way.

You must deeply understand your ideal clients to communicate effectively

Knowing the problems your ideal coaching client is experiencing and the results they want is key. But you want to go above and beyond that. You want to be able to answer:

  • Why do my clients want these solutions? 
  • What will solving these problems help them do?
  • What will they be able to experience as a result of working with me?

Your clients’ experience is at the heart of the value you provide. And the value you provide as a coach is not just about the features of what you provide, such as 1:1 calls or Voxer support. The value is in the benefits and the results they experience, such as:

  • the safe space you provide for them so they feel seen and heard, and can finally get clarity on what they desire
  • the guidance you provide as a trained and trusted professional that helps them implement change in their lives, so they can achieve their goals
  • the increased clarity, confidence, and newfound passion to go after what they really want in life

Examples of how to communicate your value as a coach

Say you’re a health coach who helps clients whose main problems are low energy and  fatigue. You may provide solutions like meal plans, a group program, and nutrition advice.

But the value you are proving goes above and beyond that. The true value lies in the results your clients experience from working together. These results may include things like more energy, better sleep, or improved health.

Coaching clients buy the solution, the transformation, the results. They don’t buy the plan. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the results in your marketing, your copy, and especially in your sales conversations.  

So knowing the overall transformation you provide is key. But don’t forget the most important step in communicating your value as a coach.

Communicate repeatedly why YOU are the coach to help

This is often most ignored part of messaging work. People do the market research, understand their ideal clients, and put together a message, but they fail to make it their own.

Their mistake? They don’t share why people should choose to work with them, as opposed to any other coach.

Think about it… Other coaches like you are also helping your ideal clients address the same problems and provide similar solutions.

So to stand out in a crowded market, you to be able to articulate what your clients can experience from working with you specifically and what differentiates you from others in your space.

The way you communicate your value is through clear, compelling, consistent messaging

So how exactly do you communicate your value as a coach?

You use clear, consistent, compelling language that describes the work you do with your clients, the types of transformations they can expect, and what makes you unique as a coach.

Messaging is the combination of words and the energy that together work to attract your ideal clients to you. And your message should be as unique as you are.

Ready to confidently communicate the unique value of working with you to your ideal clients?

If you want to clarify what makes you unique, understand what your ideal clients want and need to hear from you, and put it all together into a clear, concise core message that reflects what you do and attracts your ideal clients, check out Magnetize My Message.