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What holistic business coaching means

Holistic business coaching is an approach to business coaching that puts the client at the center of the coaching experience.

Similar to life coaching in its approach, holistic business coaching looks at the whole of who you are and how that integrates with your business, so that you can not only create and grow a business that you love, but do so in a way that’s truly in alignment with who you are.

This type of business coaching can be even more effective than traditional business coaching because change starts from within yourself, rather than from simply looking only at the performance and activities the business.

How holistic business coaching serves coaches and healers

As a coach, healer, or other service provider who wants to use their gifts and talents to serve others, your business is often a natural extension of you. And so, addressing the whole of who you are allows you to create and grow that business that feels most aligned with you.

This is why holistic business coaching is so effective for coaches, healers, and holistic entrepreneurs: Because it’s centered around supporting you to offer your gifts, and serve your clients, in the ways that are most aligned with you at your core.

This type of coaching starts from the inside out, ensuring that your business foundation and strategy is built upon what’s most important to you.

Holistic business coaching can help coaches and healers to:

  • Create a sustainable business foundation and business model that fits your life
  • Create unique offerings that allow you to use your gifts 
  • Clarify who it is you are really meant to serve — and who can best be served by you
  • Create compelling messaging and content that comes from the heart and connects with your ideal audience
  • Communicate the unique value of your work, clearly and authentically to those you can serve
  • Market your coaching or healing offerings in a way that is in integrity with who you are
  • Create a sales process that is in alignment with your values

With holistic business coaching, each and every aspect of your business is in alignment and that process starts with doing a deep dive into your authentic self.

Holistic business coaching isn’t like traditional business coaching

Holistic business coaching is not your “traditional” business coaching that focuses solely and only on the business. Instead, this integrative type of coaching puts you at the center of your business and recognizes that any changes you want to make in your business first start with you.

Holistic business coaching is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you know that you have a mission or calling that you are here to share. You don’t just want to start a business, you want to make a difference in the lives, health, relationships, and careers of others, by offering your gifts and talents.

For you, starting a business isn’t just about getting rich quick, making six figures in six weeks, or scaling your business as quickly as possible. It’s about sharing your purpose and living your calling, and doing so in a way that’s in alignment with who you are while making a living.

Holistic business coaching puts your purpose front and center and sees your business is an extension of that purpose. Working together, we explore how you can share that purpose with your broader audience and world at large.

Holistic business coaching is client-centric

Your business is unique to you and will look different than any other business. (Even if you’re a life coach for women, your business, messaging, and marketing will look different from other life coaches for women!) 

In holistic business coaching, we examine your values, your gifts, and your strengths, so that you can create the business that’s right for you. We approach each aspect of your business in a way that honors you, so that everything from your offerings to your copy to your marketing looks and feels like you, and allows you to show up as your authentic self while connecting with those you’re meant to serve.

We also work to bring awareness to and understanding of the experiences, the belief systems, and even trauma that stand in the way of you being the highest version of yourself in your business. When you go deeper and address the bigger, underlying issues, you clear the pathway to not only showing up more fully, but learning how to support yourself to do so.

Holistic business coaching is about the inner and outer work of growing your business

Working together, we examine both the inner and outer aspects of your business. 

Inner work like:

  • Your mindset (i.e., your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your business and the world at large)
  • Your past experiences and how they contribute to where you are today
  • Your values and what drives you in life and business

Doing the inner work ensures that you are not only building a sustainable business, but a business that you enjoy.

Outer work like:

  • Your business model, including your offerings and pricing
  • Your business goals, as well as an actionable, measurable plan
  • Your marketing strategy, so you have a method to attract and convert clients

Doing the outer work ensures that you have a solid plan to build a sustainable, profitable business.

What you can expect when working with me as your holistic business coach

As a certified holistic business coach, you are at the center of the coaching experience. Working together, we address the inner and outer work of creating and growing a business that is truly aligned with who you are and supports you in achieving your mission.

Our work together may include a mix of:

  • Mindset coaching, such as uncovering your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your work, and the world at large, so that you can become aware of, address, and change those that are not serving you.
  • Strategic coaching, including defining your business model, your services, your prices, your messaging, and your marketing, so that each of these pieces work together in supporting your business goals.
  • Energetic alignment coaching, like making sure your business is aligned with your gifts and ensuring you are protecting your own energy, so you can show up as the highest version of yourself in your business.
  • Somatic experiencing, which can be helpful in exploring deeper seated challenges and trauma that may be unknowingly influencing you and making it more challenging to achieve your goals.  

As an experienced, trauma-informed coach as well as a marketing consultant, I combine my processes and tools to support you through moving the inner and outer work so that you can feel supported, guided, and empowered to grow your business.

Results you can expect from holistic business coaching with me

As a result of working together, clients can experience:

  • Greater connection to their purpose and their gifts
  • Feeling empowered and excited to share their work with others
  • Developing a greater sense of self trust
  • Creating offerings and messaging that the reflects the value you provide
  • Defining marketing and sales strategies that are aligned with your values
  • Finding a greater sense of ease and flow in their business

Want to learn more about holistic business coaching?

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