When do you pivot, rest, or quit?

Sometimes it becomes time for a change in your business. Maybe you’re not getting the results you want. Or you’re not feeling inspired by what you’re doing. Or things just aren’tn working.

In those cases, how do you know when it’s time to pivot, rest or quit?

When you feel confused, lackluster about your work, or called toward something else, it can be a challenge to figure out: What should I do about this?

Pay attention to the signs it’s time to pivot, rest or quit

Sometimes, your business simply needs to pivot to meet the needs of the market or the desires of your niche.

Other times, you might be approaching burnout and what you really need is a rest.

In some cases, you may feel like you’ve been trying and toiling for a long time with no results, and you just want to give up altogether. 

After going through this cycle a few times myself, and witnessing it in my clients, I’ve realized how critical it is to understand where you’re at before deciding how to move forward. So I’ve put together my tips on how to know if it’s time for you to pivot, rest or quit.

How to know when it’s time to pivot

You’re doing all you need to do to keep your business running, to serve your clients, to bring in new clients. But inside, you’re feeling called toward something else.

The “something else” could be a new skill or passion you’ve just discovered, a new way you want of serving clients, a new offering that you’d love to sell. Maybe you have a gut feeling that you want to take your business in a different direction. Maybe clients are showing up at your door wanting something different than what you have to offer. 

Whatever it is, it’s something you just can’t seem to ignore it. Feeling this call or urge to do things differently is a real sign that you’ve grown — and also that it could be time for you to pivot. 

Signs you might need to pivot your business:

  • You feel called to another way of doing business
  • You want to serve another audience or offer a different service
  • You’ve discovered a new skill or passion you want to incorporate
  • You’re no longer feeling lit up by what you’re doing

What to do when it’s time to pivot:

  • Bring awareness to what new direction, offering, or audience you’re feeling called to.
  • Consider what is currently bringing you joy in your business and what isn’t.
  • Ask yourself: What changes would you make if you knew you would be successful? 
  • Give yourself time and space before you take action. Allow yourself to explore baby steps you might take before making a big leap.
  • Do more research. If you want to serve another client base, interview them to learn more about what they want and whether or not your idea could serve them.

You don’t need to stay in a certain way of doing business just because you started with that idea or even because you’re successful with it. If it’s really time to pivot, pay attention to the signs and start experimenting with what could be next for you.

How to know when it’s time to rest 

One key glaring sign that it’s time to rest is that your mind and body are craving a break. 

Sounds obvious, but many times, we experience the warning signs but still don’t take any action. If you don’t take action, soon enough you’ll find yourself burned out

Signs it’s time to rest:

  • You’re tired or approaching burnout
  • You enjoy the work you do, but you’re feeling maxxed out
  • You look forward to your days off simply so you can have a break
  • You’re working round the clock
  • You’ve gone through a particularly stressful or busy time

If any of these sound familiar, you’re being called to REST.

What to do when it’s time to rest:

  • Allow yourself to take a break, even if just for a day, but hopefully longer. 
  • Start building more white space and breaks into your daily life. 
  • Take more time off — at least 1-2 entire days off within the week. 
  • Make time for the non-work things you enjoy. 
  • Examine your business boundaries and see what new boundaries you may need to set.

When you are approaching burnout, the balance scale is tipped in favor of work. In order to right this balance, you often have to compensate by giving yourself generous amounts of relaxation until you feel yourself again.

How to know if it’s time to quit

Sometimes, the signs may actually be telling you it’s time to quit. I don’t mean quit and retire, I mean quit your business as it stands currently.

This could mean shutting down your business and starting a new business, starting a job, freelancing, volunteering, going back to school, or doing something else entirely. (It could also mean shutting down your business as it stands and recreating it.)

If the thought of running your business does not excite you and motivate you (because you definitely need motivation to keep running your business!), it’s time for something new. 

Signs it might be time to quit:

  • You’ve made adjustments or pivots in your business, but none of them make you feel like you want to keep doing what you’re doing.
  • You’re not burned out and you don’t want to tweak anything, you want something new.
  • You feel called to a new career or a new line of work that is totally different from what you are doing.
  • You’ve gone through some massive personal change and growth your current business no longer suits the person you are now. 
  • You get excited and/or relieved when you think of quitting your business.

 If any of these sound familiar, you might be called to QUIT.

What to do when it’s time to quit:

  • Give yourself patience and understanding that what you once wanted is no longer in alignment with where you are now.
  • Create time to explore your options outside of your current business. 
  • Get back to your values and understanding what really matters to you. What are your priorities and needs at this point in your life?
  • Understand what needs your business is not meeting right now.
  • Develop a transition plan that allows you to make enough money while figuring out your next step.

Although you may feel some shame for wanting to quit, there’s no need for shame. This simply means you’ve outgrown your business and you’re ready for something else. This is actually a wonderful realization because now you can stop forcing something that’s not working.

Is it time to pivot, rest, or quit? There’s no wrong answer

There is only the right answer for you right now. 

Expansion is a part of the game, which means that your business and life will continue to evolve as you do. This is a part of the process, and even though it might feel uncomfortable, it’s necessary to get to the next level.

So whatever your choice is — to pivot, rest, or quit — honor yourself for getting here and know that you have the ability to evolve into the next iteration of you.

If it’s time for you to pivot your business, and you want support and guidance in exploring what the new way looks and feels like to you, business coaching may be for you. You can apply here.