Over-reliance on experts can mean you are giving away your power.

If you’ve started a business, you’ve probably hired some type of coach, consultant, or mentor. Finding an expert in what you want to achieve can be extremely helpful, especially if you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or aren’t sure where to start. 

Hiring an expert to help on it’s own isn’t an issue. But sometimes during this process, a new business owner can become dependent on the expert when making key business decisions. You might put the expert on a pedestal and start doing everything the expert advises, without question, neglecting to utilize your own intelligence, experience, and intuition.

When you hand over the reins of your business to an expert, you can find yourself in a business that doesn’t feel like yours, doing work that isn’t yours, and feeling totally out of alignment with your true self.

All because you’ve been outsourcing your power.

Signs you’re outsourcing your power

You probably have a sense as to whether or not you’re outsourcing your power, but here are some common signs:

  1. You run every business decision by someone else or seek feedback on everything you do. You can’t imagine not having a certain person there to help you make decisions. You don’t think you could function without them!

  2. You do absolutely everything an or expert says, even if something feels “off” or not relevant to you. You trust since the expert is successful, that you can be, too, if you just follow their steps exactly.

  3. You assume an expert knows better than you do about your own business. You put them on a pedestal and assume that you couldn’t possibly know or figure it out.

With any of these scenarios, what’s missing is the use and reliance upon your own intuition, intelligence, and experience. You’re discounting what you know about what is right for you and your business and letting someone else call the shots.

The problem with outsourcing your power

Following an expert without tuning into your intuition and trusting yourself can cause some major problems:

  1. You become a shadow of the expert you’re following. You do exactly what they do, say what they say, make decisions they would make. The line blurs and you’re not sure what makes you different. 
  2. You neglect your own inner power by not utilizing it. Instead of running their advice through your own inner barometer, you blindly implement what you’ve been told. When you’re not using your intelligence, experience, or intuition (your key business resources), you’re not assuming the power in your business. 
  3. Your business stops looking and feeling like you and morphs into a version of someone else’s business.  If you continue hiring and following experts, your business is likely to feel like their business. You want your business to be a reflection of you and showcase your skills and talents. You won’t shine if you hide behind someone else’s expertise.

A key aspect of learning and growing as a business owner is learning to trust yourself and rely on yourself to make the best decisions. Obviously, if you outsource your decisions, you don’t experience this growth.

How to reclaim your power in your business

If you realize you’ve been outsourcing your power and not stepping up to the plate in your own business, don’t worry, it’s not too late. Here’s how to get back on track: 

  1. Remind yourself that you’re the boss. Everyone you know can give you advice, but the buck stops with you. Assume the role of key decision-maker in your business and life.
  2. Pause and take a step back once you get advice. Take a moment to see how it lands, how it feels, and do a gut check before implementing any advice.
  3. Don’t neglect the gut feelings you get of “this feels wrong.” Don’t do something that feels out of alignment or integrity with yourself. Get curious about what feels wrong.
  4. Ask your own intuition and “higher boss” for guidance when you’re unsure. This doesn’t mean you don’t consult anyone else, but make sure you always consult yourself. 
  5. Notice and celebrate the decisions that feel right. When you’ve made a boss decision, give yourself credit for it. Running a business is not for the faint of heart and requires your skin is in the game. 

You can reclaim your power in an instant, and over time you’ll become even more confident in knowing what’s right for you in your business. You’ll be able to more easily say no to things that don’t fit and say yes to those that do.

How to hire an expert without outsourcing your power

It’s not that you should never hire anyone for help, or trust them when you do hire them. But don’t stop trusting yourself. 

  • Pay attention. Choose who you hire wisely. Do research, yes, but always run things by your inner guidance system, especially when choosing who to work with. 
  • Know yourself, your strengths, and what skills gaps you need help in filling. This will help ensure that you’re hiring the right type of expert for your needs.
  • Hire someone with whom you can communicate openly, so stuff doesn’t get shoved under the rug, feelings don’t get hurt, and problems get addressed in real time.
  • Understand whether the person you are hiring is more of an advisor or a coach. Are they advising you on what you should do or are they invested in helping you figure out what is best for you? (see related post: The difference between coaching and consulting)
  • Own your expertise in your business, even though you are still learning. 

Reminder: You call the shots

When you rely on yourself to be the decision-maker and call the shots in your business, you utilize and strengthen your own confidence and intuition. 

When you trust yourself and own your expertise, you make business decisions that are aligned. When you make decisions that are aligned, things flow more smoothly in your business. 

When you take ultimate responsibility for your business and you assume the role of CEO, you create a business that looks and feels like you, from the inside out.