Finding a full body yes in your business can help you make better decisions.

One of the most important things you’ll have to do as a business owner is make decisions.

Throughout the course of your business, you’ll be confronted with decisions like:

  • What offers should I create?
  • Where should I market my business?
  • What types of clients should I focus on serving?
  • What types of trainings or programs should I take?
  • What types of people should I hire?

… just to name a few.

And sometimes, logic just doesn’t cut it. That’s because it doesn’t take into account one of your biggest decision-making tools: Your body.

Why you want to find your full body yes in business

You may have heard the concept of “full body yes” or “full body no.” All that means is that tuning into your body to see if it’s giving you a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ sensation based on the question you’ve asked.

In order to find your full body yes, you first need to identify what that feels like in your body.

Here’s one way to find your full body yes:

Think of something you absolutely love, could be anything from your favorite pet, to your favorite vacation spot, to your favorite burger.

  • Picture it in your mind. Think of how it looks, tastes, and feels.
  • Take a deep breath in and say YES. Pay attention to that exact feeling in your body.
  • Now describe what that sensation feels like. Is it an expansiveness in your heart? Is it a sense of peace and groundedness in your belly? Is it a relaxed sensation in your throat?

Now, shake it off and try again. 

This time, think of something you absolutely detest. Maybe a food you have an aversion to (mayo, anyone?!), an activity you hate, or even a person who is a “no” for you.

  • Again, picture that thing, what it looks, feels, tastes like.
  • And now breathe that feeling into your body. This will feel different. It may feel constricted, tight, hesitant.
  • Describe what that sensation felt like and bookmark it for as your NO feeling.

 How to find your full body yes in business decisions

Finding your full body yes or no is a good way to check in with yourself and see where you stand with a business decision.

  • Are you a full body yes for your new offering?
  • Are you a full body yes for signing up for that program?
  • Are you a full body yes to that new client?

Here’s a process you can use to find your full body yes in your business:

1. First, get calm, quiet, and centered in your body. Imagine yourself making the decision you’re questioning — offering that package, signing up for that program or working with that new client. Then ask yourself: Is this a full body yes? Listen for the answer.

2. If it’s NOT a full body yes, then ask yourself: Is this a full body no? Again, pay attention to your body’s answer.

Now is where things really get FUN! If it’s not a full body yes OR no, here’s where the magic really happens.

3. If you’re not a full body yes, ask: Why?

For example, if I’m not a full body yes to a prospective client on a consultation call, it could be because:

  • They want something I don’t offer
  • They’re attached to a particular outcome and only that
  • Our energy is not a match

For another example, if I’m not a full body yes to offering a certain program, I might uncover that it’s because:

  • I’m too tired for a big launch right now
  • I don’t like how it went last time and fear that it will go that way again
  • I’m feeling uninspired or not aligned with it.

(See what magic you uncover simply by asking why?!)

4. Next, you might ask: What could I change about this, *in order to* make it a full body yes?

–> With the client examples above, I would probably decide that these are unlikely to change, so I would decline, making it a full body no.

–> With the program examples, however, some of these outcomes are changeable.

For example,

  • If I’m too tired for a big launch right now, I could either 1) not do a big launch or 2) postpone the launch until I have more energy.
  • If I don’t like how it went last time, I could uncover what exactly I didn’t like and take steps to change it.
  • If I’m feeling uninspired and not aligned with it, I may need to ask “why” again. Or take a pause and check back in at a later time. Or ask myself, What would make this feel inspiring and aligned with where I”m at right now?
full body yes in business

A full body yes (or no) in business illuminates where we need to go

The magic is in the process of finding the full body yes, and also in our explanations for those answers.

What you think is a no, may be a “not right now.” What you think is not a full body yes, may just be an indicator you need to do some inner work around your worthiness, impostor syndrome, or fears.

Don’t always take yourself at face value. Sometimes YOU can be the one standing in your way. Asking the questions will illuminate if that’s true for you.

For example, if launching your offer is not a full body YES for you because:

  • You have imposter syndrome about it
  • You’re scared to put yourself out there
  • You’re worried it will fail/not succeed

That tells me there is more work to be done, so that you can make fully empowered, aligned business decisions that are not based on past experiences, beliefs about yourself, or fears.

Your body holds the answers… it’s up to you to ask

Paying attention to how your body responds to decisions is important.

Your body stores a lot of wisdom … and a lot of fears, conditioned responses, and unhealed trauma. 

This is why it’s so important to be able to explore what lies beneath your answers.

Tuning into your body can be a great source of support in your business. And it’s a complement to mindset and strategy work you need to build a successful business.

Ready to make decisions aligned with your body, mind,and soul?

Tuning into your body can be a great source of support in your business. Since completing a trauma informed somatic coaching program, I now incorporate body based practices into my coaching, so that you can make decisions from a place that is aligned with your body, mind, and soul.

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