how to name your coaching business

What to consider when naming your coaching business

One of the most common questions coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs have early in their business is, “What should I name my business?” 

You wonder: Should I name it my own name? Or something else?

It can be an agonizing decision trying to figure out how to name your business. But you don‘t want to spend too much time and energy on this decision because you need to spend time getting your first coaching clients.

Naming your coaching business: Two approaches

There is no quick and easy answer to the question of what you should name your business. But there are things to consider.

Here are two main approaches to naming your coaching business you may want to consider. 

Naming your coaching business after your own name

This can be a good strategy if:

  • You want the flexibility to change the type, structure, and niche of your business at any time.
  • You want to combine multiple businesses under your name. 
  • You already have some search clout under your name. (You can be easily found if people Google you.)
  • Your name isn’t super common. (If there are a million Sara Jones in your field, you’re going to need to set yourself apart!)
  • You just can’t think of any other name that encompasses what you do or that you feel passionate about.

Naming your coaching business something other than your own name

This can be a good strategy if:

  • You’ve already picked out a name that you feel perfectly describes your business and you feel super excited about it.
  • Your actual name is super common and you want to stand out. 
  • You don’t anticipate making major changes in your business and/or you know this name would work with any changes you make.
  • This business name would resonate with your coaching niche.
  • The business name, URL, and Instagram handle are available. (Be sure to check this!)

Basically, there is no silver bullet answer to how you should name your coaching business. You simply want to be sure that whatever you name it, you love it. 

If you can’t come up with a name, you might consider using a combination of your name + your services, i.e., Sara Jones Social Media Strategy, for example.

How do I name my coaching program or package?

Once you have a business name, you’ll need to think about how to name your coaching programs. 

This is where things get more fun! You can take some liberties when naming your programs or offerings and be a bit more creative. 

3 criteria for naming your coaching program:

1. Choose a name that’s focused on the outcome you provide in your coaching program. Remember, people buy results, not coaching.

2. Choose a name that’s easily understandable. Your ideal client should be able to understand it right away, so no jargon!

3. Choose a name that’s client-centric. It’s not about choosing a cool, trendy name or worse, made up words. Choose a name that makes sense to your ideal client.

naming your coaching package

Follow these steps to name your coaching program, package, or course

By now you have some ideas of what needs to be included in a name. You’re ready to get started brainstorming ideas and finding that one name that works perfectly!

Follow these steps to come up with your coaching program or course name.

1. Consider your ideal client.

The most important opinion here is that of your ideal clients. So before even brainstorming, make sure you know the answers to these questions:

  • Who is my ideal client?
  • What do they say they want?
  • Why is this important to them?

The most important thing here is to truly listen to the words your customers say and use those words in your name and in your offer description. 

2. Consider the benefits you provide in your coaching package or offer.

Don’t just consider the “features” of your offering (i.e., 1:1 zoom calls or free Facebook Group), consider the benefits. Benefits explain why the features of your program matter. 

For example:

  • The benefit of 1:1 coaching sessions is personalized support based on the clients’ goals.
  • The benefits of Voxer or email are that the client gets support and questions answered in between sessions.
  • The benefit of a private Facebook group is that it’s a community of like-minded people where clients can network and connect.

3. What end results does your coaching program provide? What are your clients able to do after completing your program?

When your clients complete your program, what will they know, be or have?

Will they be able to clean out their closet in a day? Be able to make healthy meals for a week? Know what to post on social media for the next 30 days?

And what are the results of those results. Meaning, what will a client be able to experience as a result of making healthy meals, or having a clean home, or knowing what to share on social? (For example, the results of the results could be a client improves their overall health, feels more calm and peaceful in their environment, or spends less time on social media.)

4. Appeal to your clients’ aspirations without going overboard.

The best brands are aspirational. They allow a client to see herself as a more self-actualized version of themselves, (i.e., better, faster, stronger, more confident, etc.)

Who do your clients aspire to be? What do they want their life, health, relationship, or business to look like? 

How does your program or offering support them in becoming that new self-actualized version of themselves?

The key here is speaking to the aspirations of your coaching client without overpromising what is possible in your program.

The most important step to naming your coaching program or package

Once you have some potential names down, run them by your ideal clients. 

Choose 3-5 ideal clients to share with and get their feedback. Ask questions like:

  • What’s the impression of the name and the coaching program?
  • What words would they change to make it more appealing? 
  • Would this name indicate that this package is something they would want to buy? Why or why not?

You can find more questions to ask in the market research guide for coaches.

What happens after you name your coaching business or program?

Naming your coaching business, program, or package is a big, important step! You want to choose a name you feel confident about and that can grow with your business.

There are many steps to take when starting a coaching business. If you want a full list of what to consider when starting your coaching business, download the free guide below.

Free Start a Coaching Business Checklist

If you want a list of all the things to consider when starting a coaching business, check out this free guide of tactical and strategic things you need to do to start your coaching business.