So you started a business. You’ve been putting the work in, mapping out your service offering and doing ideal client avatar exercises. But you’re wondering when should you think about building your brand?

The answer is, as early as possible… but not too early!

When should you think about branding?

The best time to think about building your brand is when:

1. You’ve already set up your business. (If you’re not quite sure, make sure you’ve completed all the items in this checklist.)

2. You have a good idea of who you are and what you do. (You’re not still deciding if you’re a finance coach or a web designer.)

3. You have a general idea of who you serve. (You’re not still in the “trying to serve everyone” mentality. You have a niche.)

You want to have a general idea of what you do and for whom before jumping in the branding pool.

And by working with the right person (one who does a mix of coaching and strategy), you can dive even deeper to understanding your niche and their needs.

If you haven’t checked the 3 boxes above, you basically have two choices: 1) keep experimenting until you narrow your niche or figure out exactly what you do, or 2) hire a coach who can help.

Start building your brand soon as you can

If you can say “yes” to the above 3 statements, it’s time to think about building your brand because…

1. When you start out with a solid brand strategy, you set the stage for effective marketing, content, social media, and messaging. Doing strategy first makes all of these aspects a lot easier and more effective!

2. Defining a brand strategy will help you get grounded in who you are as a business and what that looks, sounds, and feels like. No more second guessing or spinning your wheels!

3. Setting your strategy will help you stay focused and consistent in your marketing and client-getting activities.

4. You’ll identify early on what makes you different, how you stand out from the crowd, and how you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace… so that your dream clients can find and hire you even faster.

And keep in mind that you want to invest in the strategy before you start hiring web and logo designers. (Here’s why.)

Why you don’t want to wait on building your brand

It can be tempting to wait and say you’ll figure out your brand later, but that’s risky.

When you start with your brand strategy, you have a compass versus throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Here’s what can happen if you wait…

You’ll lose time. If you try the spaghetti method, you’ll likely arrive right back at this place of needing to define all of your brand elements and your message. Do it now and save yourself some time.

You’ll be reactive instead of proactive. If you don’t create your brand, it will be created for you. People will interpret your website, your social accounts, your message (or lack thereof), and make assumptions about you that may or may not be true. Better to define it yourself first.

You’ll spin your wheels and go in a hundred different directions trying to find your way. Defining your strategy upfront guides your decisions, your focus, and your marketing activities. Do this at the beginning and you’ll save a ton of time and heartache!

Start today

If you’re confused about who you are and what you do, so are your clients, and this doesn’t translate into sales.

The more time you spend at the beginning on getting clear on each aspect of your brand, the stronger your brand and marketing activities will be, and the more you’ll start attracting your dream clients consistently.

Ready to focus on building your brand? Sign up for a clarity call with me and let’s get started!