Do you have a purpose-driven business? 

When you have a purpose-driven business that means:

  1. You feel you have a purpose or calling to accomplish through your work
  2. You want the work you do to serve a larger purpose, i.e., to help affect the lives of others in a positive way
  3. The reason that you’re in business is more than just  making money

Meaning trumps money in a purpose-driven business

Making money is part of being in business, and you deserve to get paid for your work.

But when you start a purpose-driven business, you’re in it for more than the money.

You’re in it to make a difference, supporting the lives, health, relationships, and careers of others.

You can translate your calling into a purpose-driven business

For you, this isn’t just a job; this is a calling. You feel you were born or made to do this work, even if it feels scary or impossible at times.

Because you’re no ordinary person running an ordinary business, the standard rules don’t apply. You make the rules.

And the more that you create and mold your business around what’s most important, the better your business will flow… and the more successful you will be.

A purpose-driven business is a client-centric business

Having a purpose-driven business means that you are offering something that can help improve the lives of others, and that’s why the client is always at the center of a purpose-driven business.

This also means that understanding your ideal clients is key to serving them!

One way to better understand your ideal clients and ensure you’re creating products and services they need is through market research.

Your 10-step checklist for a purpose-driven business

Creating a purpose-driven business means that each and every part of your business is aligned with its purpose.

Go through this purpose-driven business checklist and see how you stack up. Give yourself 1 point for every number you answer “yes” to.

  1. You know your “why.”
  2. Your business model is set up to help you fulfill that why.
  3. You know what you want to achieve through your work — for both yourself and those you serve.
  4. You can clearly articulate the value and impact of your work.
  5. You know your personal and brand values.
  6. You set up your business and make decisions in a way that reflects those values.
  7. You get to do your best work —  the work you love to do, that only you can do — regularly in your business.
  8. Your marketing and messaging is consistent and in alignment with who you are.
  9. You feel fully in integrity with yourself in your business. 
  10. Your work is the truest expression of who you are.

How did you stack up?

8-10 points: Congrats! Your business is super aligned with your purpose and you probably feel both inspired and fulfilled by your work. The key is to keep showing up and sharing your message in a way that resonates with your audience and also feels authentic to you.

5-7 points: You’re on the right track and have likely done some soul-searching to understand what you want to accomplish through your business. This is great! Now it’s time to take it one step further and consider what it would look like to be completely aligned with every aspect of your business.

2-4 points: You have some aspects of your purpose that are woven into your business, but you’ve likely never thought of your business in this specific framework. Ask yourself: What is really important about the work I’m doing? What does my audience need to know about why I do this work?

0-1 points: It’s time to reconnect with yourself and why you want to do this work. Is it fulfilling and meaningful to you? Why or why not? What is missing from your current work that you would need to have to feel more fulfilled?

Purpose-driven businesses need strategy to succeed

Purpose-driven business owners are some of the most passion, driven, committed individuals!

The tricky part can be translating the purpose of your business into a strategy that feels authentic to you AND attracts your ideal clients. Because unless you can communicate your purpose and impact to your audience, you won’t have people lining up to buy what you offer.

If you want support with branding, marketing, and messaging for your purpose-driven business, let’s chat! Sign up for a free consultation with me here.