distill your transformational work into words that connect with your dream clients.

Magnetize My Message is for coaches and healers
who want to confidently communicate to your ideal clients.

Magnetize My Message will help you:

  • Create a clear brand message that translates the transformation you provide into words that your ideal clients understand.
  • Communicate your message consistently throughout your all of your brand channels, website, marketing, and social media platforms.
  • Attract your dream clients by knowing and understanding how to speak to them in their language.

Ready to finally clearly describe what exactly you do for your clients?

As a coach or healer, it can be challenging to put your work into words that your ideal clients understand. After all, when working together, your clients experience BIG results! You just wish you had a way of clearly and concisely putting that into words.

Magnetize My Message will help you clearly articulate the value of the work you do — in a way that resonates and attracts your dream clients and  reflects the true value of your work.

Magnetize My Message is the course for you if: 

  • You don’t know where to start with messaging and have been patching it together as you go. 
  • You have too many messages and aren’t sure which one best reflects the transformational work you do. 
  • You have a message but you don’t feel it captures YOU and you aren’t feeling excited about sharing it.

Imagine knowing exactly what to say, how to say it, and where to say it to attract more of your ideal clients

You know if you could easily speak to the value of working with you, you’d feel more confident about talking about your services, and ready to invite your ideal clients to work with you.

Imagine a potential client reading or hearing what you do and thinking, “Yes! I want to hire her!”

Picture this…

  • You can easily and effortlessly describe what you do to anyone, anywhere in words that make their ears perk up and want to hear more.
  • You can confidently communicate to a prospective client exactly why she should hire you and the benefits of working with you.
  • You feels completely authentic and you natural when sharing your message. It feels like you.

This is all possible for you! You can feel more clear and confident about your message and attract your ideal clients.  I can help.

Your message matters, especially as a coach or healer.

Messaging is a HUGE part of marketing. (I’d almost say it’s the most important… tied with knowing your niche!)

Your message is the bridge between you and your ideal clients who haven’t met you yet. It’s the words — and the energy — that together capture the attention of the people you can best serve.

A clear message serves as a magnet for the right people: your dream clients. 

Your message can be your greatest strength or your biggest weakness.

After all, you can be the greatest coach or healer in the world, but if you can’t communicate it… no one will know!

Hi, I’m Stacey, holistic business and marketing coach

After working with coaches and healers for the past 7 years, what I’ve learned is this:

Most coaches and healers who are excellent at what they do struggle to convey the value of what they do to those they can serve.

That’s exactly why I created Magnetize My Message.

So that transformational coaches and healers like you can more easily share your powerful work with the world.

When you have a message feel confident about, not only does it sound good, but you feel good sharing it. And that’s what magnetizes your ideal clients to work with you.

What makes a message magnetizing?

  • It speaks directly to the needs and desires of your ideal clients, and makes them feel seen and heard.
    (This is the whole point of messaging ~ to connect with your clients!)


  • It shares the unique value you provide as a coach or healer, and differentiates you from others in your space. (Because the industry is crowded, you need to stand out.)


  • It accurately reflects who you are and what you do, and feels authentic to you.
    (Your message should be a reflection of you, because that’s who they’re signing up to work with.)

What’s included in Magnetize My Message

You can create a message that feels authentic to you and attracts those you are meant to serve. 
Magnetize My Message can help.

Magnetize My Message is a self-paced course that guides you through a clear framework for creating your own unique core message that articulates the value of working with you. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • 8 lessons that guide you through the process of creating your core message
  • Magnetize My Message workbook that you complete as you go (and that serves as messaging library when you’re complete)
  • Guided journaling exercises and guided visualizations to better understand your gifts and your ideal clients’ needs and desires
  • Core Promise Generator™ (Just put in your keywords and a core promise automatically populates!)

Plus, these bonuses:

  • Short form bio template (great for social media)
  • Long form bio template (perfect for your About page and media opportunities)
  • Messaging checklist of all the places you’ll want to include your core message

When you complete Magnetize My Message,
you will:

  • Know the unique value you provide to your clients
  • Understand what’s most important your ideal clients
  • Connect with your soulmate clients through words and energy
  • Create your own unique core message
  • Identify exactly where and how to share your core message

You’ll finally be able to stop questioning what you say, and feel clear and confident that you have words
that reflect what you do as as a coach or healer.


The investment for Magnetize My Message is a one-time payment of $97
NEW Optional upgrade for a 1:1 coaching call with me also available at checkout.

Optional Upgrade: a 1-on-1 Messaging Strategy Session

Magnetize My Message is a self-paced, DIY course. If you would like 1:1 support in polishing your message and getting personalized feedback directly from me, you can add on a personal messaging strategy session at check out.

You want to confidently communicate what you do
and Magnetize My Message can help 

When you sign up to Magnetize My Message, you’ll finally put the words together that describe what you do for your clients.

You’ll have a way to talk about your business and the value you provide as a coach or healer — in a way that truly reflects who you are.

When you clarify your message, it acts as a magnet that attracts your dream clients.

The faster you clarify your message, the faster you can start attracting these clients.

Why is Magnetize My Message different from other courses?

Frankly, there’s not a lot of messaging courses out there. That’s why I felt that this needed to be created. 

But this isn’t your typical course.

As a coach myself, I know how hard it can be to both differentiate yourself and communicate the value you provide in your work. This course was created based on my own experience in the industry, coaching other coaches and healers, and drawing on my background in marketing and communications.

Magnetize My Message is more than a formula or template. This course guides you to tap into your purpose and the hearts of your soulmate clients. You walk away with a message that truly feels like you: body, mind, and soul.

This is exactly what makes your message magnetizing.

Magnetize My Message FAQs

"I've taken messaging courses before. Why will this be different?"

This course is more than a template or formula. This course helps you tap into what makes you unique, connect with the hearts of your ideal clients so you know how to reach them, and find the words and energy that help you convey the transformational work you do.

"How do I know it will work for me?"

With a background in marketing and branding, messaging has been a part of my work for 20 years. I’ve been helping coaches and healers with their messaging for more than seven years now. Now I’m sharing my process to help you discover and share your unique message with the world.

"What if I still need more support?"

Magnetize My Message is a standalone, DIY course you can do on your own time. If you want personalized feedback and support on creating your own message, you can add on a 1:1 messaging strategy call with me at checkout here.

This is the clearest I’ve been with my messaging and the course was extremely helpful in providing that clarity. I’m excited and feel confident with my messaging after this course.

Farrah B.

Relationship Coach

Stacey has a beautiful way of inspiring you to dig deeper into who your solmate client really is and identifying your why. I highly recommend this course if you’re sturggling with identifying what you want to communicate to your prospective clients.

Cathy C.

Web designer & author