Show Up Superpower Quiz Results

You are a … Vocabulary Vixen!

You always have something to say and your way with words makes it sound like poetry when you share it!

As a Vocab Vixen, you excel at business writing, including web copy, blog posts, and long-form social media copy. Heck, even sales pages are easier for you than most! (Lucky you!)

Your friends and fellow business owners may ask you for help with writing or for a second pair of eyes once they’ve drafted their new package or new webpage… and you’re happy to oblige and give feedback.

Your gift of the gab is strong when it comes to writing, and you likely gravitate toward those business activities that allow you to write and express yourself in the written word.

As a Vocabulary Vixen, your best ways to show up include:

  1. Blog posting or guest posting, where you can share your wisdom in your own words, and attract an audience who shares your values and respects your opinions.
  2. Long form social media copy. While videos might not be your style, writing long form copy on Instagram is your jam! You get space to express yourself.
  3. Creative web copy can help you shine! When you combine your way with words with keywords, you can set up your website to be a true client attraction magnet.

So what’s your challenge?

While your words attract your ideal clients, you might struggle to show up authentically in other ways in your business. Videos or posting selfies feels awkward. But it’s important to remember that your words can be felt across all mediums, and so it’s important to push yourself to share in new ways.

“Being safe is about being seen and heard and allowed to be who you are and speak your truth.” — Rachel Naomi Remen

Need to Attract More Clients and Grow your Business?

Try these tips to show up with confidence!

1) Use your strengths. Now that you know your true strengths, brainstorm a few ways you can show up and share about your business.

2) Connect with your dream client. Who are you trying to attract? What does that person want to see, hear and how do they prefer to interact with you? Get clear on this before creating your content.

3) Start small. Instead of trying to do #allthethings all the time, narrow your focus. What are 3 key activities you’ll do this month to show up and grow your business?

Speaking of Standing Out… Let Me Introduce Myself!


Hi! I’m Stacey, holistic business coach

As you know, starting your own business requires that YOU put yourself out there as the face and voice of your brand. And this can feel really intimidating

I’ve been there. After a long career in marketing and branding for companies, I started my own business and needed to market myself.

Now having been through this process and coached countless other entrepreneurs, what I know for sure is this: You have what it takes to show up confidently in your business. And it starts with using your own superpowers. 💖

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