Show Up Superpower Quiz Results

You are a … Gracious Giver!

You feel best when you are giving to others… whether it’s providing much-needed guidance, lending a helping hand, or simply offering an ear to listen.

Your audience loves you for your spirit of generosity, and your giving inspires trust and gratitude. (And it’s a domino effect: Your giving compels people to give back or pay it forward!)

You love to help and it shows! Your clients come to depend on you to answer their questions, help them out of a jam, and come up with a resource for anything they may need.

Because you have become such an important resource for your clients (and non-clients, too!), they see you as a resource and an expert in your industry.

As a Gracious Giver, your best ways to show up include:

  1. Being of service in Facebook groups is perfect for you! Instead of self-promotion, you respond to posts because you truly want to help. People notice this and naturally want to connect with you!
  2. Create problem-solution oriented content. You have a true knack for problem-solving. Creating freebies and content using a problem-solution type framework will really resonate with your clients.
  3. Mini-sessions can be a way for you to give a client a life-changing experience. Offering 15-20 minute quick hit sessions can help you solve one of your client’s problems, and create a fan for life!

So what’s your challenge?

Sometimes you give a little — O.K. a lot — more than you get. So it’s important to make sure you have that equal energy exchange between you and a client to ensure you feel good —  not taken advantage of! And remember to take some time every day to fill your own cup so that you have something to offer to others.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed” — Maya Angelou

Need to Attract More Clients and Grow your Business?

Try these tips to show up with confidence!

1) Use your strengths. Now that you know your true strengths, brainstorm a few ways you can show up and share about your business.

2) Connect with your dream client. Who are you trying to attract? What does that person want to see, hear and how do they prefer to interact with you? Get clear on this before creating your content.

3) Start small. Instead of trying to do #allthethings all the time, narrow your focus. What are 3 key activities you’ll do this month to show up and grow your business?

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Now having been through this process and coached countless other entrepreneurs, what I know for sure is this: You have what it takes to show up confidently in your business. And it starts with using your own superpowers. 💖

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