Can introverts effectively market a business? Yes.

You started a business because you wanted to work for yourself, be your own boss, and help people. 

You didn’t necessarily realize that you were going to have to show up, market yourself, and be visible in your business!

As an introvert, you’re wondering if it’s possible for you to learn how to market your business — in a way that feels good to you. The answer is YES.

The truth about marketing as an introvert

Many introverts — myself included — started a business to do what we love, not to get followers or likes.

We just want to help people in our own way. To serve our clients. To do what we do best every day.

But putting ourselves out there might just feel a little too uncomfortable.

The problem is, it’s also a necessity to connecting with clients, sharing your gifts, and building your business.

Even introverts need to know how to market

While it may seem tempting to hide out behind the laptop, you can’t really remain in the background when you are the face and voice of your business!

Being an online business owner requires us putting ourselves out there online! That’s just a fact.

Being willing to market yourself and get visible is what allows us to get known, found, and hired.

Since it is so powerful, it’s important to consider how we market ourselves in the most effective way — a way that is aligned with who we are as an introvert.

“But can’t I just outsource my marketing?”

Of course, you can always outsource certain business activities, such as social media and digital marketing.

But for many new solopreneurs, this just isn’t an option, either because they don’t have the resources or haven’t built a strong brand foundation to be able to instruct another person what to do.

Even if you do eventually outsource certain activities, you will still remain the face and voice of your brand as a solopreneur, and so it’s important to have a presence that you feel good about.

So how can you market yourself as an introvert entrepreneur?

It’s important to remember that you can thrive as an introvert entrepreneur even when it comes to marketing.

The truth is — you might be even better at marketing, because you put the time and effort into planning it.

What’s important to remember is that the way you market your business might look entirely different from a typical extroverted way of marketing.

For example, commonly used marketing tactics like …

  • Showing up on video every day
  • Doing dancing Reels
  • Cold pitching in the DMs

… just might not feel natural for you, and that’s OK!

There are many ways to market your business. And you get to choose what’s best for you.

5 marketing tips for introvert entrepreneurs

1. Embrace your introverted nature.

That’s right, don’t even try to be something that you’re not! Just because your friend as a YouTube channel doesn’t mean you need one. Just because a social media guru told you need to post on TikTok doesn’t mean you have to! Honor thyself. You might choose marketing channels that allow you to be less visible (blog posting, SEO, or Pinterest, for example!)

2. Know your strengths.

Obviously, not all introverts nor all business owners are the same. You possess a unique set of strengths, skills, and talents. These very same gifts can be your superpower in your marketing! Your most effective marketing activities will be those that align with your strengths. You can find yours by taking this quiz!

3. Create boundaries to protect your energy.

As an introvert, you need time to recharge. So you’ll want to counterbalance your marketing activities with activities that allow you to go inward and reclaim your energy. Set strong boundaries to define what times are meant for networking and/or marketing and what times are for recharging.

“As a business owner, you don’t have to be “always on.” It’s up to you as the boss to create these boundaries for yourself.”

4. Plan ahead and have a clear strategy.

Let’s be honest: If you’re waiting until you “feel like it” to go live on video or share a personal post on social media, it’s probably not going to happen! But if you have a strategic plan, one that is intentional, focused, and lays out what exactly you’re going to share, you’re more likely to follow through and stay consistent.

5. Know your value.

Never discount your value just because you’re an introvert! Your work is valuable and you provide value to your clients. Own that and be willing to tell others. Take time to get clear on the value that your clients get from hiring you, and then find new and different ways to explain that to your prospective clients and audience.

Marketing is simply showing up and sharing about your business. And that is necessary in order for people to find you, connect with you, and hire you!

Marketing as an introvert means leaning into your strengths

While marketing and showing up online can feel intimidating to introverts, with intention and utilization of your own strengths, you can market and grow a business that looks and feels like you.

It’s time to embrace your introverted nature and use your superpowers to show up and market your business.

The more you can be yourself, the more your business with flow, the more easily you will connect with those you are meant to serve, and the better you will feel.

If you’re still struggling to find your best ways to show up and market your business, take my free quiz to identify the most effective ways to show up and connect with your audience.