Market Research Guide for Coaches

Learn a simple method to validate your coaching offerings
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Market research helps you understand your coaching clients.

As a coach, you want to create offers and packages that serve your clients — and that sell!

This starts with market research.

The Market Research Guide for Coaches can help you:

√ Identify a market for your specific coaching services
√ Create offers, packages, and courses that sell
√ Better understand your niche or ideal clients

Market research is a key step in validating your coaching offerings

After working with countless coaches, healers, and holistic entrepreneurs, I noticed they often missed this crucial step in developing their offers and services.

They had a great idea for an offer, spent all their timing creating it, but never spent the time to validate it with those they want to serve.

And when they launched, often to crickets, they didn’t quite understand what happened. The problem is, they created an offer in a vacuum without validating it with their ideal clients.

How market research can help you create coaching packages that sell

To have a coaching business, you need to create offers and services that sell. That requires knowing what your ideal clients need and want from a coach like you. The way you understand those needs and wants is through market research.

The Market Research Guide For Coaches helps you:

  • Understand the needs and wants of your ideal clients, so you can create offers they want to buy
  • Get ideas for your next offer before you get too far into the creative process
  • Validate your current offering or program, so you can tweak and improve it before you launch
  • Listen to how your ideal clients speak about their wants, so you can better speak to them in your copy
  • Establish meaningful relationships with potential clients who can provide valuable feedback

Get your Market Research Guide for Coaches

You don’t need an advanced degree or a consulting company to help you with market research. You can do it on your own, with a little guidance.

I created this market research guide for coaches and healers just like you, so you can have a simple, streamlined way of validating your offers.

So if you are a coach or holistic entrepreneur who is…

  • Just starting out and you haven’t developed any packages or offers yet
  • Thinking of creating a new offer or package
  • Considering changing your niche 
  • Wanting to validate an existing idea for a program or course

…this Market Research Guide for Coaches is for you.

The Market Research Guide for Coaches includes

Market Research Guide Cover

A 20-page Market Research Guide for coaches

This guide takes you through the market research process from start to finish, so you get the valuable information you need in a timely manner, and can move on to creating your new offering.

You’ll learn:

  • When do to market research (hint: anytime you’re creating anything new)
  • How to find market research interviewees
  • What market research questions to ask to get the answers you need
  • How to consolidate your findings and incorporate them into your business
  • What to do after the interviews to stay in touch with your interviewees (who may be potential clients!)
customizable interview template

A 3-page Market Research Questionnaire

This is a template you can use each time you get on Zoom for a market research interview, so you don’t need to recreate the wheel.

You’ll learn the top 12 questions to ask on any market research call and how to customize the questions to your specific business or product.

You can reuse this template any time you get on a market research call.

A Key Market Research Findings Google Sheet 

This sheet helps you track your key findings in all of your market research interviews in a single place — the same sheet that I use when conducting market research for my own business.

You’ll learn the most important information to keep, and how to keep good notes so that you can integrate your findings into the development of your new offering.

You’ll also learn to identify the key themes of your market research so that you can use them to create and develop offerings.

Ready to dive into market research for your coaching business?

Once you learn how to do market research for your business, you’ll be able to use this same process over and over again, each time you create a new offer, product, or service.

Take the first step to creating programs that sell by getting your Market Research Guide for Coaches today.

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