Whether you’re a life coach, career coach, relationship or mindset coach, you want to stand out from the crowd.

If I were to name the top 5 questions I hear as a business coach and brand strategist, this one would definitely be included: “How can I stand out as a coach in a crowded marketplace?” 

Many coaches and healers just starting out have a big fear: That the market for their services is so crowded that they won’t possibly be able to stand out. 

But standing out in a crowded market as a coach, creative, or holistic business owner isn’t impossible — if you have a strategy in place and stay consistent.

Top concerns about standing out as a coach in a crowded marketplace

Many coaches fear the market being crowded will eclipse any chance they have at success. 

They might think things like…

1. Why should I even start this business when there are so many other people out there offering similar services?

2. How can I compete against some of these big name coaches who’ve been around a long time?

3. What can I do to make myself stand out among the crowd? 

These are common questions to ask, but instead of giving up, it’s time to do some information gathering.

But how crowded is your market, anyway?

It’s easy to assume that the marketplace for our services is crowded when we’re in it and consuming all of the content that our peers put out.

We often forget that there is a whole world outside this one tiny space in business, and that not everyone is offering the same thing.

So if you are assuming your market is crowded, what are your sources? Is it true that people won’t want or pay for your services?

This is where good market research comes in. Do some market research for your business  to make sure that you validate your ideas before you spend the time and energy creating them.

Chances are, there is space for you, even in a crowded market… you just have to create it

The thing is, if the market is crowded, it means there is proof of demand for what you have to offer.

Just because a market is crowded doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. The biggest determinant of your success is not the market, but YOU.

You can choose what you offer and to whom, how you market yourself, how you serve your clients, and so on.

When you know exactly what problems you solve, what solutions you provide, and can effectively communicate your value to your target audience, you will stand out.

5 steps to standing out as a coach a crowded marketplace

Here are 5 steps to help you stand out, so you can attract your audience, connect with clients, and grow your business.

1. Don’t let the fear of a crowded marketplace deter you from starting your business. 

If the market seems crowded, don’t take that as an automatic excuse for not pursuing your dreams. Do some market research. Talk to others in your field. Talk with potential clients. Notice the gaps you might be able to fill. Explore the possibilities instead of immediately succumbing to the fear.

2. Know yourself. 

To attract clients, especially in a crowded market, you need to know the value you offer, what makes you unique, and why someone should buy from you. You need to know this first, in order to effectively communicate it to your prospective clients. So if you haven’t already, get clear on these aspects!

3. Know how to effectively communicate your value. 

It’s not enough for you to know why you’re different, your audience needs to know. This means you need to tell them — consistently and repeatedly. You need a clear message that your clients understand.

4. Show up consistently. 

You’ve heard it before, but showing up is half of the battle. When you’re new, you may think you don’t need to be as visible because your audience is small. But showing up consistently leads to connecting with potential clients.

5. Stop worrying about what your competitors are doing. 

If you’re too busy watching what your competitors are doing, you’re not focused on your own business or your serving your people. If you can’t stop comparing, stop following and start unsubscribing from emails. Focus on creating rather than consuming.

So can you really succeed as a coach a crowded market?

Just because you assume your market is crowded, doesn’t mean it is. And even if it is crowded, that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out.

Standing out in a crowded market takes a clear and intentional strategy that is based on your unique strengths, your individual business goals, and your ideal client’s wants and needs.

Want help standing out in a crowded market place?

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