Courses and Templates for Coaches

Looking to start and grow your coaching business? These templates and courses for coaches and healers can help. From finding your niche to validating your offerings to creating your messaging, these courses and templates were created to help you grow your coaching or healing business.

Courses & Templates

Unleash My Niche™

Unleash My Niche icon

Unleash the Niche you were meant to serve. This 5 module mini-course will take you through the process of uncovering your natural niche.

Magnetize My Message™

Market Research Guide icon

Distill your transformational work into words that connect with your soulmate clients. This 8 module course will help you create your core brand message.

Market Research Guide

Market Research Guide icon

Understand exactly what your ideal clients want and need. This 18 page PDF takes you through the process of doing market research for your coaching business.

Recorded Trainings

How to Market without Using Social Media

stop the scroll how to market without social media

Social media alone is not a marketing strategy. Learn ways to market your business without relying on social media.

How to use AI in Marketing without Losing your Brand Voice

how to use AI in marketing without losing your brand voice

AI tools like ChatGPT can save time and energy in your marketing. But you want to know how to use them without losing your voice.

Content Planning 101: Create a Winning Strategy from Scratch

content planning 101 workshop

Not sure where to start with a content strategy? This workshop will help you plan, create, and share your content.

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