Courses and Templates for Coaches

Looking to start and grow your coaching business? These templates and courses for coaches and healers can help. From finding your niche to validating your offerings to creating your messaging, these courses and templates were created to help you grow your coaching or healing business.

Stay tuned for more templates and courses to be added to this coaching library soon!

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Market Research Guide (PDF)

Understand exactly what your ideal clients want and need, so you can create offers that serve them — and that sell! This 18 page PDF takes you through the process of doing market research for your coaching business.

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 Unleash My Niche (Mini-Course)

Unleash the niche you were meant to serve. This 5-module mini-course will show you how to find your niche naturally, without another ideal client avatar exercise.

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Magnetize My Message (Course)

Distill your transformational work into words that connect with your soulmate clients. This course will take you through creating your own unique value proposition so you can easily communicate what makes you unique.

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