Elevator Pitch Template for Coaches

Create a “what I do” statement for your coaching business

Why you need an elevator pitch template as a coach

If you’re a coach, it can be challenging to condense all that you do into one or two sentences!

That’s why you need a solid elevator pitch: so that you can clearly and confident describe what you do, in words that attract your ideal clients and make them want to hear more.

That’s exactly where the elevator pitch template for coaches comes in.

Why I created this elevator pitch template for coaches

As a coach myself, I know how challenging it can be to describe what you do. You know you provide sooo much value, but it’s simply hard to put it all into words!

As a former marketing professional, I also know how important it is to use the right words to attract your ideal audience. In most cases, your elevator pitch is someone’s first introduction to you, and so you want to make a positive impression.

That’s why I created this elevator pitch template for coaches like you — so that you can more easily describe the transformation you provide in words that attract your ideal clients.

Ready to create your unique elevator pitch for your coaching business?

Having a clear, concise way to talk about what you do is so important — whether it’s at a networking event, on your Instagram bio, or when you’re a guest on a podcast.

Once you’ve developed an elevator pitch, it makes it so much easier to introduce yourself and talk about what you do! It’s really the first step in developing clear, consistent, compelling messaging for your coaching business.

Download your elevator pitch template for coaches below

Now you can create your own personal elevator pitch (or ” what I do statement”) that helps you feel more confident introducing yourself and captures the attention of your ideal clients immediately.


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