When you clarify your message, you make it easier to attracting coaching clients.

To clarify your message means to clearly define your core brand message. 

Your core message is the overarching message in your business. Less like an elevator pitch, and more like a value proposition, your core message tells people why you do what you do, what makes you unique, and communicates the value of working with you.

When you clarify your message, you can more easily market and promote your business, and more easily attract coaching clients.

Clarify your message since it’s the first thing someone sees

Your message is often the first thing people hear or see from you. 

  • It’s the message at the top of your website that your ideal client reads and decides to keep scrolling. 
  • It’s the powerful bio on Instagram that causes your ideal clients to hit “follow” when they see it. 
  • It’s the statement that makes your ideal clients say, “Yes! I need to work with her!” when they hear it.

Your message is important, and that’s why clarifying your message is such an important part of being in business, especially as a coach or healer. 

What clarifying your message can do for you

When you clarify your message, you make it easier for prospective clients to understand *right off the bat* what you do. In today’s age of shrinking attention spans, it’s even more important to capture that attention right away. You have literally seconds to do so!

In addition to capturing attention, your message can also help you get known for what you do. When you have a clear, consistent way of talking about what you do, you establish your brand across all of your business and marketing channels. This is a key part of building your coaching brand.

A clear message attracts those you can serve. It takes into account who you are, as well as who your ideal client is, and is written *for them*. The goal of your message is to capture what you do in a way that attracts those you can best serve.

As you can see, your message does A LOT of heavy lifting for you. And that’s why it’s so important to get it right.

Why it’s challenging to clarify your message

It’s often challenging for any business owner to clarify their message, simply because you are so close to your business! (This is why it can be helpful to hire support in this area.)

For coaches and healers specifically, clarifying your message can be extra challenging because the work you do is so transformational that it can be hard to put into words that people understand

It’s also common for coaches and healers to use industry jargon that goes over the heads of most of their clients (i.e., “limiting beliefs”). That’s why it’s so important to deeply understand the words that your own clients use *before* they start working with you, so you can incorporate that language into your messaging.

As the market grows, the coaching industry gets more competitive. A strong message helps you communicate what makes you different, so you can stand out from the crowd and get known for what you do. 

Clarify your message in 3 steps

If you’re realizing that you need to clarify your message, great!  Here’s how to get started:

Step 1.

The first step in clarifying your message is to get clear on the value of what you do. I’m not talking about the monetary value, but the value in terms of the end results or outcomes you provide for your clients. 

I know, I know. As a coach you’re likely going to say that the outcomes depend on the individual client. I get it! 

But there is going to be a through line of the work you do with clients — similar key themes that show up with every client. Identifying those key themes only helps you to clarify your message.

Step 2.

The second step in clarifying your message is getting crystal clear on what your ideal clients want and need from you. Now, these are two different things.

  • The “wants” are things that your ideal clients say that they want, things they’re looking for, things that *they think* will make their life/health/relationship easier. These are things your ideal clients are actually saying publicly, whether it’s in a consult, in a Facebook group, or anywhere else.
  • Their needs are different. Their needs are the things that you know (as the professional you are) they *actually need*, but are likely to realize it or unable to admit it at the present moment.

You must know both of these in order to speak to them in your core messaging, which means you must know your coaching niche

Step 3.

The third step in clarifying your message is being able to combine what you’ve identified in #1 and #2 into a clear, compelling, core message. This is usually the most challenging part!

Your message should reflect who you are and the work you do, as well as what your ideal clients want and need. And it should do so in a way that highlights what’s unique about how you work with clients.

The best way to clarify your message to attract coaching clients

Even if you’re not quite sure what makes you different, or you don’t know exactly what your ideal clients want and need to hear from you, you can clarify your message.

It’s worth the investment to get professional help to clarify your message and finally get a core brand message that you feel confident sharing.

After working 1:1 with clients on their messaging for the past several years, I’ve created this course to help you clarify your message so that you can attract coaching clients more effectively and easily.