Launch Your Coaching Business in 90 Days

The Coaching Business Accelerator can help you…

  • Define your business model
  • Clarify your ideal clients
  • Create your offerings
  • Define your messaging
  • Plan your marketing

…so you can start and grow a successful holistic or coaching business

You started your coaching business to do what you love.

But instead of coaching clients, you’re spinning in circles, wondering what to do first.
Should you create a new offer? Work on your messaging? Keep posting on Instagram?

You’re tired of spending your time questioning. You wish you knew what to do when, so that you could start attracting the right clients and growing your business.

You love (and believe in!) the potential of your business, but you’re really not loving the reality right now.

Launching a coaching business is tough…

✓   You feel overwhelmed and you aren’t sure what to focus on first.

✓   You haven’t settled on a clearly defined niche.

✓   Your struggling to create offers and packages.

✓   You find it difficult to describe what you do.

If so, you’re not alone!

Many new coaches find themselves in this place. Because while coach training programs are great at training you to become a coach, they don’t tell you how to start and grow a coaching business.

You wish you knew what to do to start & grow a successful coaching business.

What if you could…

✓  Arrive at your desk each morning knowing exactly what to work on.

✓  Find your true niche — one that you can serve better than anyone else.

✓  Create offers that you know your ideal clients want to buy.

✓  Clearly communicate the value you provide in words your clients understand.

✓  Feel confident that you are in the right business doing the right things to be successful.

If you’re ready to launch your coaching business, Coaching Business Accelerator can help.

Hi, I’m Stacey!

I’m a business coach & marketing consultant for coaches.

I help you start a coaching business by focusing on building a solid foundation first.

I know what it’s like to want to grow your dream business, but not know where to start. Seven years ago, I was you!

Since then, I’ve helped coaches and healers just like you start a business you love and a brand that attracts your dream clients.

As a certified business coach, MBA, and 20 years of experience in marketing, branding, and messaging, I can guide you through a proven process to start and grow your successful coaching business.

You could do it on your own — reading all the blogs, watching the YouTube videos, and signing up for freebies — hoping to piece it all together. Or you could hire me.

Working together, you’ll  get the perfect cocktail of mindset, strategy, and accountability to help ensure that you launch your coaching business in a way that is aligned with your goals, reflects who you are, and allows you to do what you love — coach clients!

you can launch your coaching business with clarity and confidence,
and attract the clients you want to serve.

Coaching Package Details

Coaching Business Accelerator is tailored to help you start a coaching business within 3 months.

Within this program, you will…


Tap into your true “why,” DEFINE YOUR GOALS AND UNDERSTAND YOUR VALUES, SO YOU CAN build your business on a strong foundation.




Define your aligned service offering, so that you create packages you love to deliver and clients want to buy.






BUILD your entrepreneurial mindset, so you can show up, share, sell and serve with confidence.


Get accountability and support along the way so you get your questions answered and keep moving forward.


get a focused plan of action, So you know exactly what to work on next, avoiding overwhelm.


Feel a strong sense of alignment with your business, knowing that you are creating a business you love.

The Coaching Business Accelerator includes

A Business Clarity Assessment

This pre-coaching assessment will help you get clarify what you want your dream coaching business to look and feel like.

9 Guided Coaching Sessions via Zoom (recorded)

You’ll get 9 laser-focused 1:1 coaching sessions to help you build a solid business foundation in a guided, step by step process. Bonus: 10th session free for pay in full!

Business Strategy Workbook

Over the course of our work together, you’ll complete a workbook that defines your business purpose, your ideal client, your service offerings, messaging and your marketing plan. Your personalized business strategy will guide the course for your business and marketing activities.

Access to my Resource Library

You’ll get access to my exercises, tools, and resources I’ve developed over the past 7 years to support clients, including webpage templates, newsletter tips, project plans, and marketing tools  — it’s all included throughout your time in this program.

 Homework + My Review

Following each coaching call, you will have homework related to whatever you’re working on at the time. You’ll complete this for my review prior to our next session.

Your Strategic Marketing Plan

You’ll walk away with a strategic marketing plan complete with key activities, milestones, and dates, so you know what focus on after our work together wraps up.

 Voxer Support

In between our coaching calls, you’ll have the option get coaching from me via Voxer, so you can ask questions and get support to move forward in between our calls.

Copy Review + Feedback

You’ll get my review and feedback on copy you develop, including but not limited to copy for your home page, your offering, a sales page, an email, a presentation, a blog post, etc.

When you sign up for
Coaching Business Accelerator, you will:

  • Get clear on your business purpose + Your why
  • Define your coaching business model
  • Clarify your best fit niche
  • Create compelling offers
  • Communicate your value with a clear message
  • build your personalized marketing strategy

all so you can launch your coaching business with clarity and confidence.

Package Investment: $2997

(payment plans available)

Within 90 days, you will build a strong foundation for your coaching business, so you are 100% clear on what you offer, who you serve, how you help, and the exact next steps to take to market and grow your coaching business.

Your investment includes*:

  • 9 – 1×1 Zoom coaching sessions ($3300 value)
  • Voxer and email support over the 90 day time period ($1000 value)
  • My review of any content (webpages, emails, new offers) you develop
  • Access to my resource library with tools and templates
  • Bonus: Market Research Guide Digital Product ($37 value)
  • Bonus: Messaging Mini-Course ($97 value)

Pay in Full Bonus: 1 additional coaching session!

*Many business coaches charge 2x-3x as much with fewer coaching calls. After delivering and tailoring this program to new coaches over the last several years, I’ve found that this is the amount of 1:1 sessions it takes to get the support you need to launch your coaching business.

Are you ready to launch your coaching business?

How to Get Started


SIGN UP FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION so we can get to know each other better.


after YOU fill out the consult form, YOU’LL GET AN EMAIL WITH A LINK TO my calendar. 


At our scheduled time, we’ll hop on Zoom to discuss your goals and see if we’re a good match to work together.


If it’s “yes” for both of us, we’ll discuss next steps and how to get started.
(if not, i’m happy to provide a referral.)

Why Work With Me to Launch Your Coaching Business?

Launching a coaching business is no small feat. I know, because I’ve been there! When I launched my coaching business in 2015, I already had 15 years of marketing experience under my belt, as well as a solid coaching certification.

What I didn’t have was a proven roadmap that showed me what to do when, how to get clarity on things like my niche and offering, and how to actually reach the clients I desired to serve.

Though I had taken a ton of business programs, like B-School and others, none offered specific guidance on the nuances of the coaching world. And none included true coaching for finding my own answers. (As coaches, we all know our own answers are the most effective!)

That’s exactly why I developed this program and why I keep delivering it to coaches like you  — because it works!



Hear what previous clients have said about working with me.

“Working with Stacey made me realize in which ways my ability to create my own business is connected with my self-worth. With her in-depth questions and insightful observations, she helped me to disarm my fears around abundance. She supported me in diving deep into my money mindset and held space for every exploration I had on my way. She is a deeply empathic person, a true companion on the way to a better, more fulfilling life!”

-Karina H., Life Coach

“I came to work with Stacey feeling really stuck. I was specifically fixated on defining my niche as a coach because I found it painful to do on my own. Stacey created space to explore my motivation and desires holistically. And, at the same time, the process was pragmatic and applicable. After each call I walked away with actionable items that helped me clarify and refine my purpose and message in a way that was authentically me and unencumbered. While working with Stacey I was able to take steps to move forward and yet see the big picture of my offerings and purpose”

-Jean M., Life Coach

I felt like for the first time I really got to examine and step into a really important side of myself, and it has been so exciting to continue watching that unfold in my work. I’m seeing more patients, making a lot more money, and feel much more deeply stimulated and satisfied by the work I’m doing. You really did help me gain confidence and clarity and turn that into action–thank you!”

-Courtney M., Intuitive Health Counselor

“Working with Stacey was truly instrumental in moving my coaching business forward. As an introvert, I felt a distaste for marketing and social media was overwhelming to me. Stacey’s down-to-earth approach helped me stay the course and her marketing expertise helped me define my niche and message in a way that more easily connected with those I want to serve. It’s made a difference and I can tell my marketing is not only reaching the right people, but their hearts and souls as well.”

-Amy M., Life Coach

Coaching Business Accelerator FAQs

Commonly asked questions can be found below.

01. Who is this package for?

This package is created for new coaches or healers (0-2 years in business) or those who have been in business but have yet to set the foundational pieces for their business.

The types of businesses best served by this package include: coaches, consultants, natural medicine practitioners, and energy healers.

02. What will this 1:1 coaching program do for me?

This coaching program will help you build a solid foundation for your coaching business. You’ll gain clarity in your niche, your service offerings, your messaging and your marketing. You’ll get personalized coaching to address any mindset or energetic blocks along the way. You’ll walk away feeling grounded in the value you provided and excited to share it with the world.

03. Who is this package not for?

This package is not for established business owners who feel rock solid in their business and marketing strategy. This package is not for those who are still contemplating starting a business. This package is not for those who aren’t willing to put in the time and effort required to build a purposeful, authentic business.

04. Is there a group option?

Currently, there is not a group option. But personalized coaching can help you reach your business goals even faster, because we get laser-focused on your business and your goals. The foundation you set here will make business and marketing activities so much easier in the future.

05. How much time does this program take?

The program takes 90 days. You can expect to spend 2-5 hours a week working on your business as a part of this coaching program.

06. What if I want to continue past the initial 3 months?

At the end of our initial time together, we’ll discuss options for continued work together.

07. What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions, the best thing to do is to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.