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A curated list of my most requested resources

Check through the list of common topics and find beneath each topic a list of resources to support you.

How Can I Market Myself Confidently?

1. Find your Marketing Superpower to understand what you’re naturally good at and learn how to translate your strengths into marketing.

2. Check out this Ultimate Guide for Marketing Your Coaching or Healing Business.

3. Get a list of 21 ways to Market Your Business.

How Do I Choose the Right Niche?

1. Understand the importance of choosing a niche — and why it’s expansive, not restrictive.

2. Take this low priced mini-course Unleash My Niche on how to find your best-fit niche.

How Do I Market Without Social Media?

1. Learn how to market your business without social media (and why you should learn to, even if you love social!)

2. Take the 2 hour training workshop Stop the Scroll: Marketing Without Social Media.

What Are The Steps to Building a Coaching Business?

1. Here’s an article on the step-by-step process I use to guide my clients to start their coaching or healing businesses.

2. Check out the free Coaching Business Checklist that outlines what you’ll need to start your business.

3. If you want support through the process, apply to the Coaching Business Accelerator program.

How Do I Attract My First Clients?

1. Check out this blog post on how to get your first clients (and why it’s different than the ways you’ll attract clients in the future)

2. If you’re doing #allthethings and not finding clients, check out this post on 5 things that might be at play.

3. Book a Business Alignment Audit with me and I’ll review your sales page, messaging, and marketing to help you find opportunities for improvement.

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