How to use AI in Marketing —
without losing your brand voice

A workshop for coaches, healers, and holistic entrepreneurs who want to streamline their marketing with AI, without sacrificing their brand voice (or sounding like a robot)

Wondering how AI can help you market your business?

Are you part of the 86% who haven’t yet explored the wonders of AI? Now is the time!

As a business owner, AI can help you streamline your marketing, create content more quickly, and spend less time on marketing. So you can spend more time doing what you love: working with clients!

In this 90-minute hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to effectively integrate AI into your marketing strategies while preserving your brand’s distinct voice. (You’ll even learn ways to use AI to learn more about your audience so you can create even better content that resonates with them!)

Learn how to use AI in your marketing — without losing your brand voice

AI technology can be incredibly user-friendly, but harnessing its power to create content that reflects your brand’s unique voice can be challenging. 

In this 90 minute recorded training, you’ll learn the secrets of leveraging AI to simplify and streamline your marketing processes, without compromising the authenticity of your brand.

You’ll learn:

How to uncover your brand voice with AI.

Explore how AI can assist you in understanding and articulating your brand’s authentic voice, ensuring consistency in all your marketing efforts.

How to teach AI to write in your brand voice.

Learn the art of teaching AI tools to mirror your brand’s voice, so your content looks and sounds like it’s coming from YOU, not a robot.

Ways to do market research and learn more about your clients using AI.

Gain invaluable insights into your ideal clients using AI, so that you can create custom content and offers that meet the needs of your audience.

How to use AI to create and repurpose content.

Unlock the potential of AI to create and repurpose diverse content types, from blogs to newsletters, social media posts to video scripts, and even presentations — in seconds!

Identify which AI tools are right for your marketing project.

There are a TON of AI tools aside from ChatGPT. You’ll learn which AI tools are best suited for different forms of marketing, so you can optimize your strategy and results.

Plus… You’ll get a worksheet of all the marketing prompts I use with AI in my business!

This training is for you if…

✔️ You want to learn more about using AI tools in marketing, but you still want your content to look and sound like you.

✔️ You want to find ways to make marketing simpler, easier, and faster, so you can focus on what you really love in your business.

✔️ You want to more easily get ideas and create content that really resonates with your audience, without all the guesswork.

AI can be your new marketing BFF

Imagine being able to infuse your marketing materials with your authentic brand voice while letting AI do the heavy lifting. 

With these newfound skills, you’ll save valuable time and energy, all while effectively reaching and connecting with your audience.

By the end of this training, you’ll feel empowered and equipped with the knowledge AND prompts to use AI tools in your business, to simplify your marketing — without losing your brand voice.

It’s time to simplify your marketing … with AI tools

Are you ready to simplify your marketing and have fun with learning new tools that can help you?

Register for this training and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lifetime Access: You’ll have access to the recorded training, so you can revisit the material whenever you need a refresher.
  • 6 page guide on how to use AI in your business: Receive a comprehensive guide on exactly how you can use AI in your marketing, along with 20 prompts that you can use for ChatGPT or any other AI tool.
  • Learn from an expert: As a marketer and coach myself, I’ve been experimenting with AI tools for the past several months. You can learn from my experience how to best use these tools for you.

Register today and sharpen your AI and your marketing skills

Ready to revolutionize your marketing with the power of AI, while staying true to your brand’s essence? 

The faster you learn how to use AI, the faster it can work for you, on your behalf, creating content and ideas that can help you better connect with your ideal clients.

Register now for the workshop “How to use AI in Marketing without Losing Your Brand Voice”. 


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Your Personal Invitation

Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Hi, I’m Stacey! As a holistic business and marketing coach for the last 8 years (and as a marketing consultant before that!), I’ve been through all of the marketing trends.

While digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, and social media aren’t going anywhere, you CAN use AI tools to make these forms of marketing sooo much easier for you!

In this training, I’ll show you how you can use ChatGPT, along with several other AI tools to support you in your marketing, so you can do it in less time. See you there!


Here’s what you get when you register

  • Lifetime access to the 90 minute recorded training so you can review it again at any time
  • A 6 page guide on how to use AI in your business (along with 20 sample marketing prompts!)
  • Learn how to use AI responsibly without losing your brand voice from an expert