marketing mistakes coaches make

Marketing mistakes. Everyone makes them, especially when you’re just starting out in business!

Mistakes aren’t inherently bad; they help you learn. But when you’re just starting a coaching or healing business, you want to minimize the mistakes so that your marketing does what it should: help you attract clients!

Here are the 10 most common marketing mistakes I see coaches make in their business — and how you can avoid them.

10 marketing mistakes new coaches make

After serving new coaches over the past several years, I’ve seen some of the same marketing mistakes get repeated over time. It’s my goal to help you avoid them!

Marketing mistake #1: Not knowing their niche.

A niche is a group of people you can best serve and who can best be served by you. If you don’t know your niche, market research can help you figure out what niche is best for you and how you might serve them.

Marketing mistake #2: Not having something to offer.

People don’t buy a career coach; they buy the results the career coach provides. Creating a coaching package gives your clients a container in which to gain the results they desire. And it gives you something tangible to sell!

Marketing mistake #3: Not having a clear, compelling message.

If your messaging doesn’t connect to your target audience, then neither will your marketing. Spend time clarifying a message that looks, feels, and sounds like you. This will help your marketing be even more effective!

Marketing mistake #4: Doing #allthethings.

Instead, choose a few, key marketing activities you can do time and again. You don’t need to be on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Focus on 3-5 key marketing activities that you do well. Lather, rinse, repeat!

Marketing mistake #5: Focusing only on social media.

Don’t put all your eggs in the social media basket. You have no control over the algorithm and your account can sadly get shut down at any time. A solid marketing plan offers ways for you to attract, engage, and invite the right clients into working with you.

Marketing mistake #6: Thinking “If I build it, they will come.”

Your website is important. But just pushing your website live won’t result in clients flocking to you. Once you push your website live, you need to find ways to actively drive traffic to your website AND to invite your ideal clients to the first step of working with you.

Marketing mistake #7: Expecting immediate results.

Marketing is a long-game. While there are some marketing strategies that can yield faster results, in general, marketing takes time to get traction. Don’t get discouraged if you’ve been on social media for one month and not found a client! 

Marketing mistake #8: Sharing an offer once and expecting that to be enough.

The marketing rule of 7 states that a person must see at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service . While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it can help you understand that people need to see a message multiple times to take action. 

Marketing mistake #9: Making your results mean something about you.

Marketing results are just that: marketing results. They are not an indicator of your worth as a human being or your worth as a coach or healer. Your worth is infinite and non-negotiable. When you can practice detachment in your business, you are better able to learn from your results and try again.

Marketing mistake #10: Not asking for help when you need it.

You’re a skilled coach or healer, but this may be your first foray into marketing. That’s OK! We all have knowledge gaps when it comes to growing a business. If marketing is a gap of yours, I encourage you to get support. Marketing is a skill that, once learned, will pay you in dividends!

Want support with your marketing?

Marketing is a skill that you can learn and improve over time, so that it becomes even easier to attract the clients you want to serve.