woman setting intentions for new year

Start off the New Year with intention

Setting intentions in the New Year can set the course for your entire year. Even as the year changes and evolves, setting your intentions for your business can help you stay on the path of what really matters.

For best results, block out an hour or two on your calendar, grab a cup of tea and a journal and sit down with a journal. You might even start with a meditation to set the stage and get your mind centered.

10 intention setting questions for the New Year

Here are some questions to consider as you set your 2024 intentions:

1. What’s my overall vision for my business as it stands today? 

While our “why” may remain the same, often our vision for our business changes over the years as we learn and grow. Take a moment to ask yourself how your vision as changed and what’s most important to you TODAY in your business.

2. What are my Top 5 values and where can I make adjustments for greater alignment with those values? 

Surprisingly, our values can change through the years as well. Sometimes the value itself doesn’t change, but what it looks and feels like to us may change. For example, I have the value of freedom. Years ago that meant leaving my corporate job and working for myself. Today it’s more about being able to work wherever I want and travel whenever I want. Take a moment to consider your values and what it truly means to honor them.

3. What do I want to focus on this year in my business?

Don’t get too granular here. I’m talking about high level focus. For example, you might focus on serving a new market, or getting more speaking engagements under your belt, or starting to write your book. Think about those big picture priorities and define them. Keep in mind that too many things cannot be priorities, so keep it to no more than three.

4. How can I prioritize my own well-being to nurture my mind, body, and spirit throughout the year?

You’ve heard it before: You can’t serve others from an empty vessel. That’s why your first priority is taking care of your most important asset you in your business: yourself. It’s not enough to know you must take care of yourself; you want to have self-care practices built in to your daily/weekly/monthly schedule, so self-care becomes a routine habit that you naturally attend to, just as regularly as you brush your teeth.

5. What challenges do I foresee and what are some creative ways I can approach them?

We rarely think of the potential challenges in advance, often to our detriment. When we can foresee challenges, we can be proactive about addressing them and maybe even avoid them altogether! So think of your big goals and consider what might get in the way of achieving them. If your goal is writing a book, a challenge could be something like “finding time to write.” You might think of ways you can address that challenge up front, so it doesn’t become a hindrance to your goals.

6. What key relationships are important and how can I invest more time and energy in fostering meaningful connections?

Depending on the phase of your business, developing different types of relationships will be important. If you’re just starting out, you may want to prioritize forming relationships with other business owners who offer complementary services to the same target audience. For example, if you’re a nutritionist for new moms, you might cultivate relationships with postpartum coaches or life coaches for new moms.

7. What skills or knowledge do I want to acquire or enhance this year to take my business to the next level?

Being an entrepreneur means constantly growing and learning new skills. But you don’t need to learn everything at once. Again keeping in mind your big goals and focus for the year, what are some new skills you want to develop to better support you? It could be things like learning more about email marketing, diving into Facebook ads for the first time, or learning how to optimize your site for SEO.

8. How can I contribute to the well-being of my community or the causes that matter most to me?

Nearly every entrepreneur I talk to wants to find a way to give back to their audience or community and find a way to serve those who may not be able to afford their services. You don’t have to wait until you’re making 6+ figures to do this. You can find ways to give back now. You might decide to donate 5% of your sales to your favorite charity, or offer 1 free spot in your course, or offer 1 or 2 sliding scale coaching spots in your roster.

9. What boundaries do I need to establish to achieve these goals and intentions?

It’s so easy for other stuff to get in the way of the big things we want to achieve. We have family, friends, day jobs and other responsibilities that can easily fill up the time we want to devote to our goals. It’s ideal to find a balance between your personal and professional life, and the way to do so is to set some business boundaries. This can look like dedicated time blocked on your calendar, one Saturday a month where you pursue a new hobby, or even getting up an hour earlier to work on a project until it’s complete.

10. In what ways can I celebrate my achievements, both big and small, and acknowledge my progress along the way?

The hardest part of business is usually at the beginning, where you are putting soooo much time and effort and energy in, but not yet seeing the fruits of your labor. In these times, it’s even more important to celebrate your achievements. Don’t just celebrate the outcomes — celebrate the actions you took no matter the outcome. Celebrate how you pitched yourself to your first podcast, or finally published your website, or felt natural on a sales call. Recognizing and celebrating your own successes is the key to staying motivated.

Setting intentions for your year helps you start out on the right foot

Intentions aren’t the same as goals. You’re not defining a metric you’re trying to hit. Instead, you’re looking at the overall picture of your business and deciding how you want your year to go.

Remember that you can set intentions anytime, not just at the beginning of the year. And it’s a good practice to revisit these intentions at least every quarter to ensure that you’re still aligned with them and moving toward them.

Do you have big intentions for the year ahead?

Big intentions require big support to make them happen! Business coaching can support you in aligning with your intentions and creating a strategy and action plan to achieve them.

If you’d like to explore how business coaching with me might support you, let’s chat. The first step is to complete an application here.